Kiosk Creative Design Services


Custom User Interface Design

Give your users a great experience and accelerate the success of your self-service project with a professionally designed kiosk. Let our creative services team custom design your user interface, tailored to your or organization’s specific look and feel! Many self-service projects will require directing users to websites and web based content. In some cases, websites that are not designed specifically for touchscreen interaction are hard for users to navigate and can impede usability.

Our experienced developers understand the best practices and details required to engage users and make your kiosk project a big success! Our design team will work with you to ensure your brand is well represented. We will deliver an end product that is an engaging resource your company can be proud of. Call us today for more details.

Custom Software Design

Not finding the kiosk software that you need? We can build it!

Advanced Kiosks standard software options include our leading ZAMOK kiosk management software, QLINE queuing software, TRIBUTE memorial and celebration software, Lobby Attendant, school spirit showcase and more, all developed by our in-house software engineering team.

All our software products can be customized to accommodate your specifications, interact with your third party software or support your external devices. Our kiosk software experts can help guide the development and implementation of a custom software project for your application. Call today to speak to a technical sales representative and request an estimate for your next self service project.

Custom Kiosk Design

We have the in-house engineering manpower to facilitate projects that require very specific kiosk hardware customization. From concept drawing, to deployment, Advanced Kiosks has the talent and experience to deliver an ideal, custom product, from start to finish.

Do you have to install a kiosk in an unusual location? Or accommodate a new type of input device? Or just meet some ergonomic or aesthetic requirements that are one of a kind? Let our creative services team solve your problems!

Projects that have unique demands or are groundbreaking, need a team of professionals that have been tackling challenges in self service technology for years.

Kiosk Colors & Finishes

Choose the color that best represents your brand or kiosk location. Advanced Kiosks uses a high quality powder-coated paint process for all kiosks. This is the most durable painting process with the least possible environmental impact. The standard color selections are based on the RAL color system for kiosk paints.

The nine standard paint color options are available on most kiosk models.

  • Tex Black – RAL 9005 –  (light texture)
  • Blue, Signal Blue – RAL5005
  • Teal, Water Blue – RAL 5021
  • Grey, Charcoal Grey – RAL 7024 – (light texture)
  • Green, Moss Green – RAL 6005
  • Orange, Pure Orange – RAL 2004 – Gloss (no texture)
  • Red – Bengal Red by Tiger Drylac – Gloss (heavy texture)
  • Silver, Weathered Silver – RAL 9006 & RAL 9007 – (light texture)
  • White, Traffic White – RAL 9016 – Gloss (no texture)

Kiosk Graphics

Custom Kiosk GraphicsMake your brand and message stand out with vinyl graphics on your kiosk. Include your company logo or message in full color. Each kiosk model has specifications for graphic size and placement guidelines.

To make a bolder statement and really amplify your brand or service, we offer full graphic wraps for several kiosk models. Enhance your kiosk enclosure with stunning head to toe branding, colors and messaging. Create a design that is one of a kind or have our Creative Services team do it for you! Ask your sales representative for details.



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