KIOSK BUYERS GUIDE | Checklist for when you buy a kiosk

When investing in any major equipment purchase, or large purchases in general, it is important to think through the entire process and consider what is involved in the investment. Kiosk shopping is no exception. Listing out pro’s and con’s and identifying the answers you need when you buy a kiosk is essential.

Purchasing a kiosk machine, a digital kiosk, or any other interactive kiosk in between can be tricky if it is your first time ordering one. Not surprisingly, there tends to be a lot of questions during the process. There are also questions that you may not even think to ask! That is why having a discussion with a knowledgeable project consultant will you help answer any questions you may have; or give you the insight you need.

Below we have listed a quick kiosk buyer’s guide which includes questions to ask when buying an interactive kiosk machine, and what different pieces you will need within the kiosk.


Kiosk Buyer’s Guide:
Questions you need to ask and answers you need to know, when purchasing a computer kiosk machine


What is the purpose of the interactive kiosk?

  • What do you want your kiosk users’ experience to be?
  • Will you need kiosk software?
  • Do you have specific software that needs to run on the kiosk?
  • Is there an existing system you wish to use on the kiosk or will you need custom kiosk software?
  • Do you need a completely customized self-service solution or will one of the existing models and software meet your needs?


What is your budget? Does this include a warranty?

  • Do you know everything that is included in the kiosk, and software, pricing?
  • Does your kiosk come with preinstalled kiosk software or is it all a la carte?
  • Is there a warranty? What is the length of the warranty?
  • What does the warranty include? Hardware? Software? (Shameless plug – ours is the best in the business!)


Where is the kiosk machine going to be placed?

  • Inside? Outside? Lobby?
  • Will it be unattended?
  • Would it be best to have a free-standing kiosk bolted to the floor or hanging on a wall?
  • Do you have an electricity source?
  • Will you be needing/using internet cable or WiFi?


What type and how many kiosks will meet your needs?

  • What is your operating system? Is it compatible with the kiosk hardware?
  • Which screen size do you prefer?
  • How much foot traffic to the kiosk, or kiosks, are you anticipating?


What kiosk options will you need?

  • Will you need a printer?
  • How will you properly brand your kiosk?
  • Design?
  • Color? Finish?
  • Graphics?
  • Other peripheral hardware and kiosk options?


What kind of company are you purchasing from? (Get to know the company before you buy a kiosk from them, and make sure they reflect the same values as your business.)

  • Who are they?
  • Do they stick to their word? (Ask for references and testimonials.)
  • Are they American made?
  • What do they have in place to reinforce what they promise – assistance after purchase or a warranty?
  • Do you require technical support? What support do they offer?


Who is Advanced Kiosks?

Watch this video to learn more about who we are and how we operate.


What is your Timeline?

  • When do you need your kiosks?
  • How long will it take to ship your kiosks?


Do you need support and installation assistance?

  • Who is going to install your kiosk physically?
  • How are you going to maintain your kiosk?
  • Who will install the kiosk software or the software you plan on running?
  • What happens if something breaks during transit?


How long will it take to ship your kiosk? And why?

  • Do they have a solution for you or will your order need to be a custom product?
  • What is the current turn around time?
  • Do they offer rush orders?


ADA compliance?

  • What do you need to do to satisfy ADA compliance at your facility?
  • Do you require anything additional for ADA compliance?
  • Are you familiar with standard ADA laws?



The interactive kiosk buyer’s guide we have provided here is a good place to start, and you will find that by answering these questions that more questions may arise. Taking time to properly plan your kiosk project, and deployment, will ensure that everything runs smoothly; and if there are any obstacles now you can attack them head on.

At Advanced Kiosks, we have supplied a variety of solutions to a vast number of diverse businesses and organizations. Because of this, we have streamlined the process, and wanted to share key questions for you to start your self-service technology journey. This is how this initial interactive kiosk buyer’s guide began. Whether you are the head of I.T. or at the front desk trying to make the business a better place for you customers, we can answer any questions as well as explain every advantage of beginning a kiosk project .

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