Kiosk Model: Ticketing Kiosk

For Tickets, Labels and Receipts

P/N: H32-220-110

Our Ticket Kiosk makes it easy for your customers to quickly select, purchase and print tickets (or receipts) for entertainment such as movies, sporting events, concerts and amusement parks. Popular uses for this kiosk also include self-service food and beverage ordering, parking, name badges and dozens of other receipt or label applications. Visiting the Ticketing Use Case page for more details.

Use the Ticketing Kiosk to move your customers through lines more quickly so they can not only enjoy their event sooner, but also so they have ample time to continue exercising their purchasing power with you.

Ticketing Kiosk Front
Ticketing Kiosk Table Attachment
Ticketing Kiosk Right
Ticketing Kiosk Bird's-eye View
Ticketing Kiosk Left Profile
Ticketing Kiosk Back
Ticketing Kiosk Right Profile
Ticketing Kiosk Table Attachment Back


The Ticketing Kiosk comes standard with a 3” ticket printer, a 22” multi-touch monitor and optional features of a bar code scanner and a credit card reader.


  • 3 inch wide Recipt Printer
  • ADA Touch Pad
  • 22″ LCD Touchscreen
  • Acrylic Table, see drawing
  • 14 Gauge Steel Enclosure
  • Free-standing Base
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • 1.8 GHz Quad Core CPU
  • 120 GB SSD Hard Drive
  • Amplified Stereo Speakers
  • Surge Protection
  • WiFi / Ethernet Connectivity
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Easy Set Up Manuals


  • Barcode Reader
  • Ticket Printer (for Ticket stock or labels)
  • EMV Credit Card Reader
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Vinyl Graphics and Logo
  • 4G Cellular Modem
  • Bill Acceptor
  • Wheels
  • AK Support Service
  • Zamok Kiosk Software


Our Zamok™ Kiosk Software provides valuable functionality and makes it easy to secure, control, and manage all of your kiosks like a pro!

  • REMOTE – Monitor and manage all your indoor and outdoor kiosks right from your desk
  • TEMPLATES – Customize the kiosk screens with easy templates
  • ALERTS – Texts or email alerts for kiosk outages or network issues
  • SECURITY – Users can ONLY access the content you choose

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