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Kiosk Manufacturers: Which one is right for you?

October 31, 2016

What to look for in a kiosk manufacturer

You may be in the stage where you have decided on purchasing a kiosk, but unsure about where you will buy a kiosk from. In other words, what kiosk manufacturer best fits the needs you have for your project? There are some factors that you should consider before choosing a manufacturer. Here are just a few.


When speaking with a representative, you should consider asking about their warranty policy. Not just how long the warranty is, but what it covers. Some manufacturers have an amazing long-term warranty that really only covers the metal frame wrapped around the expensive part (the computer). Others may have a full coverage warranty that lasts 6 months. The best idea would be to look for a balance of both length and quality of warranty. If you do a little research or call the kiosk manufacturer, you should be able to figure this out quickly.

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laser printer station kioskYears in the Business

Another good question to ask might be how long the company has been in business. This isn’t necessarily good or bad one way or the other, but it can help you figure out what type of kiosk manufacturer you’re working with. A company with 10+ years of experience in the field may suggest that the company is knowledgeable, has a larger client base, and can serve as a teacher or expert in the field. A company just starting out may not have the experience, but a newer company is fresh and motivated to build clientele, meaning they may have more time to dedicate to you.




Man holding american flag. flag, memorial, americanProduct Location

Where is the manufacturer from? Do they build these kiosks in the U.S? How much will shipping cost? If you need face to face help, is someone available to meet you and work out a solution? These are the things you should consider while researching kiosk manufacturers. Location is key when it comes to convenience, support, and that nasty shipping and handling fee.




Interactive ticket kiosk side angle view.Style

While browsing through the website’s kiosk models, you should notice the way the engineering designer designs their kiosks. Think of it as the way you purchase art from an artist. What medium of art do you typically like? Do you like the artist’s style of art? For example, you wouldn’t walk up to an artist and say, “Hey. I know you’re an impressionist painter, but can you sell me a realistic sketch instead?” I would hope not. That’s not that artist’s “thing”. Doesn’t make them a bad artist, doesn’t make you a bad art critic. It just makes the pair not a good fit.


a man utilizing an outdoor touch screen kiosk



Do they even design a model for what you need? If you’re looking for an outdoor kiosk, and the company only does tablet kiosks, it is probably not the best fit. Find out what model you’re looking for and for what type of business (health, office/lobby, outdoor, food, corporate, non-profit, etc) you’re planning to put the kiosk in. If the manufacturer doesn’t necessarily have the exact model you’re looking for, you could also ask about model modification options.



a couple uses the wall mounted computer kiosk, the compact power, to check their flight status

Accessibility to Support

How accessible is support if you need help with the kiosk? Is there a call center? Can you book appointments to have a technician come to your business for a face to face solution? If you prefer face to face, you may want to make sure the kiosk manufacturer is within a couple hours distance.

kiosk models - check in kiosks

Design Options

What type of options do the kiosk manufacturer carry? If your business colors are orange, and the manufacturer doesn’t carry orange as a kiosk color, can they order orange and finish the task? Will this process cost extra fees? You should also consider whether they are able to put your logo onto the kiosk and gather pricing for that. Other options you may want to consider would be kiosk accessories like a side table or a phone because the options are there. Since kiosks are very accessible, you can probably find a kiosk that fits you perfectly.





Lastly, and I would say most importantly, you should consider whether their values reflect your own. If you are a company with a dedication to environmental sustainability, you should look for the company that manufactures the most energy-efficient kiosk. If your values surround beauty and artistic design, you should search for a manufacturer who has an artistic designer. Should you find a kiosk that suites all your company values, needs, and preferences, then you’ve found the best product for you.

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