We are a self-service company, and we are a kiosk manufacturer, but at the very core of it all, we are engineers.  Advanced Kiosks was built up through its parent company H32 , an organization that takes on challenges for its customers, and designs the solutions they need by utilizing years of experience & expertise across many engineering disciplines.

Being a company from small town New Hampshire that is organized by small dedicated teams, we remember our roots.  That every project we embark on with our customers & partners, no matter the industry, is about solving a problem and achieving a desired result from a given scenario.

So, when you come to us with a question or prospective project, remember, we are not here to simply sell you a kiosk.  We want to help you overcome a challenge, meet your goals, and succeed.  The journey to getting the tools you need, whether it is hardware, software, kiosk related or not, begins here.

kiosk design engineering


In our 15 years of building self-service products, we have encountered a staggering number of scenarios and challenges that customers present when considering a computer kiosk.  Everything from the environments they will be in, the heavy use they may be subject to, vandalism they could receive, the way they look, the materials they are made of, to the functions they have are only some of the subjects that we have addressed through clever engineering.

The products we offer today are embodiment’s of those engineering achievements, and are why we confidently offer a 3 year warranty on our kiosk hardware.  Each design is packed with the best that only a well rounded industry experience can offer, constantly evolving to meet the demands of today, while affording the flexibility to customers to keep their kiosks relevant well into the future.