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Kiosk Model: Tower Airport Kiosk

For Travel and Tourism Services

P/N: H32-280-110

Have you ever walked into an airport and immediately found the exact information you need for the next leg of your journey? Us neither. That is why we designed the Tower Airport Kiosk, a sleek, modern computer kiosk, trimmed with LED lights, and standing over 7 feet tall. This futuristic model is a real eye catcher.

For tourism locations, the Tower Airport Kiosk can allow users to easily access information regarding travel, transportation, and hotel accommodations, along with local food, weather and entertainment. A powerful self service resource like this enables visitors to spend less time seeking out information and quickly retrieve the up to date details they need to promptly and safely be on their way!

Tower Kiosk Right
Tower Kiosk Front
Tower Kiosk Closeup
Tower Kiosk Bird's-eye View
Tower Kiosk Right Profile
Tower Kiosk Track Pad
Tower Kiosk VOIP Handset Attachment


There are many applications for the Tower Kiosk, originally designed for visibility in high traffic areas, this kiosk can withstand the rigors of constant daily use while providing a quality user experience. These features make it a perfect fit for organizations looking to provide services like:

  • Information Portals
  • Wayfinding
  • VoIP Calling
  • Emergency Notification
  • Advertising


Airports all over the world are tightening security, which tends to mean longer wait times. To combat this, airports started using kiosks to cut back on wait times and improve the passenger experience at the airport. In recent years, along with airport check-in, airport kiosks are being utilized to provided better services for check-out, wayfinding, advertising, internet access and more. Learn more.


  • 32” LCD Touchscreen
  • 16 Gauge Steel Enclosure
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
  • Illuminated Trim Lights
  • 3.6 GHz Quad Core CPU
  • 4 GB DDR4 Memory
  • 120 GB SSD Hard Drive
  • Amplified Stereo Speakers
  • Surge Protection
  • Wi-Fi / Ethernet Connectivity
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Easy Set Up Manuals



Our Zamok™ Kiosk Software provides valuable functionality and makes it easy to secure, control, and manage all of your kiosks like a pro!

  • REMOTE – Monitor and manage all your indoor and outdoor kiosks right from your desk
  • TEMPLATES – Customize the kiosk screens with easy templates
  • ALERTS – Texts or email alerts for kiosk outages or network issues
  • SECURITY – Users can ONLY access the content you choose

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