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Improve Customer Service

Increase sales capacity and event promotion by providing visitors and customers with access to a self serve kiosk. Interactive kiosks provide a great ticket dispensing solution for events and admissions.  Combined with credit card readers, they are the foundation for many self-service needs.

Ticketing kiosks can also be used to print ID badges, labels, receipts, or any other required business documentation.

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Benefits of Ticketing Kiosks

  • Serve up 24/7 Convenience
  • Reduce Staffing Demands
  • Display Rich Media
  • Increase Advertising Opportunities
  • Promote Specials and Events

Self Serve Functionality

  • Movie Theater Self Serve Kiosk
  • Concert Venues
  • Ski Resort Self Serve Kiosk
  • Sporting Events
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Campground Self Serve Kiosk


interactive ticket


The ticket kiosk is a new way to dispense movie tickets more efficiently, saving costs, time, and resources through state of the art technology.

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Smartphones are great, but drawbacks like limited power supply and uncertain internet connectivity can impede the ability to provide good customer service and present hurdles between potential customers and your event sales.

Customer Success


PIMA Association of Governments has been using our Thru-Wall Kiosk for a few years and has made 22,705 ticket transactions for their shuttle to date.

Villain Arts

Villain Arts worked with Advanced Kiosks to develop a ticketing and reporting software platform to be used with the Ticketing Kiosk. The launch was so successful they now have a total of 10 kiosks they use for entry to their conventions.



What is a ticketing kiosk?

A ticketing kiosk is a self-service device that allows users to pay for and receive a ticket, either via a printed slip or a text message delivered to their mobile device. They can be placed anywhere power is available and relocated based on need.

Why would I need a ticketing kiosk?

If you operate a business such as a movie theater, amusement park, entertainment facility or parking lot that requires the purchase of a ticket, you likely face challenges when it comes to staffing a ticketing booth. Ticketing kiosks minimize labor requirements, help eliminate lines at ticketing windows and provide a more efficient experience for users. Ticketing kiosks are also a great solution for transportation hubs such as train stations, airports, bus stations and subways.

What are some of the benefits of ticketing kiosks?

Ticketing kiosks allow patrons to select and pay for the appropriate ticket at their convenience, reserving interactions with ticketing agents for more complicated transactions. Ticketing kiosks can also help increase brand awareness via colors and logos placed on the kiosk enclosure. Additionally, when not in use the kiosk display can be used to show information about upcoming events or nearby businesses.

What payment methods do bill pay kiosks accept?

Customers can remit payment via debit/credit cards or cash and obtain digital or paper receipts.

Are transactions conducted via a ticketing kiosk secure?

Yes! Payments are routed through a secure gateway. The process of using a ticketing kiosk can be more secure than paying via a computer or mobile device.

Can my electronic kiosk be customized?

Absolutely! The kiosk display and ticketing software can be adapted to meet your specific needs.