New Kiosk Onboarding Service Ensures Project Success


Interactive kiosk technology leader Advanced Kiosks now offers a personal, turnkey kiosk Onboarding Service to guide and oversee client project launches. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind are the priority and primary goals behind this popular new offering.

Customer Success Specialist Vanessa Healy walks alongside clients every step of the way. She helps them evaluate and prep their kiosk installation site(s), configures their software, and inspects every inch of their hardware before it ships. But her duties aren’t limited to a kiosk onboarding checklist; she answers every question and addresses any concerns as they arise.

Kiosk Onboarding Vanessa

Healy’s professional background is a perfect blend of both education and technical support coordination. She has the patience and people skills to empower new kiosk owners even while she works her magic behind the scenes, orchestrating sales, production, accounting and tech support. “A smooth kiosk integration experience facilitates customer education,” Healy explains. “If I can do the heavy lifting upfront and spare people any technical frustration, they have the bandwidth to learn what they need to know to keep their kiosks up and running.”

The kiosk Onboarding Service provides support, training and best practices for Advanced Kiosks’ clients. Specialists work directly with the customer to get them set up quickly and make sure they know how to manage the kiosk properly for the best possible return on their investment.

Advanced Kiosks engineers have a superior reputation for building user-friendly, intuitive hardware and software. However, interactive kiosks are still complex pieces of machinery with endless capabilities. Depending on the project, initial configuration can require a number of highly technical one-time tasks best left to the experts. “It’s silly for non-technical professionals to have to pull in their IT team or spend hours Googling when we have the in-house staff and expertise to do the job and do it well,” says Software Project Manager Clif Boyd.

The new per-project Onboarding Service is a personal relationship that functions as an insurance policy against the technical headaches, lost time and hidden costs of going it alone. It includes premiere AK Support for one kiosk for a full year. All totaled, the service package provides an excellent value when compared to the cost and anonymity of per-hour technical support.

Self-service kiosks enable businesses to save time and money while improving their customer experience. For more information on how Advanced Kiosks Onboarding Service can speed adoption of self-service technology, contact the Advanced Kiosks Technical Sales Team at (603) 865-1000.

About Advanced Kiosks

For over 16 years, Advanced Kiosks has been an innovator and leader in the development of hardware, software and security for self-service kiosks in a wide array of industries. All products are backed by an unmatched 3 Year Kiosk Warranty and a robust technical support program.


Written by Amy Robison, contributing author


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