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OUR COMMITMENT TO INTERACTIVE Quality in the Kiosk Industry

Advanced Kiosks’ reputation for exceeding computer kiosk standards is well known in the industry. Providing complete self-service solutions, Advanced Kiosks builds machines with high quality, American made materials and custom software user interfaces. Committed to kiosk software quality, Advanced Kiosks is enhancing customer experience and self-service solutions across all industries.

As a manufacturer of both kiosk hardware and software, Advanced Kiosks has a unique advantage to surpass kiosk industry standards with turnkey solutions. All our products are tested thoroughly and must pass a rigorous evaluation before shipping. Our team of experienced design engineers keeps the bar high, which reflects in our product performance and kiosk customer satisfaction.

We now have over a dozen standard kiosk models to choose from and continue to grow. We help our customers meet their self-service needs while minimizing development expenses with a wide array of kiosk software options. Because of our commitment to quality, most customers can report over 99.9% uptime on their kiosks well past the 3-year warranty.


H32 LogoWe are known as a self-service technology company and a leading kiosk manufacturer, but at the core, we are engineers. Advanced Kiosks was created originally by the parent company H32, founded by our president Howard Horn. We are an organization that uses years of experience and expertise across many engineering disciplines to design the solutions our customers need.

Being a company from a small town in New Hampshire and organized by a small dedicated team, we remember our roots. We focus on problem-solving and achieving the best result for every customer project we embark on, no matter the industry. For this reason, Advanced Kiosks does not simply sell a computer in a box.

We are much more than an off-the-shelf reseller. We are a team of hardware engineers, software developers, and user experience designers that combine skills and experience to deliver unsurpassed kiosk solutions.

If you are interested or have questions, getting the answers and tools you need starts here.


In over 20 years of building self-service kiosk products, we have encountered many unique challenges presented by customers. Environment, user access, chance of vandalism, and building materials are just a few of the questions we have resolved with clever engineering.

The products we offer today reflect those engineering achievements, which is why we offer a three year warranty on the majority of our kiosks. Each design we create is packed full with the best kiosk machine quality that only well-rounded industry experience can offer you.

We are constantly evolving to meet the demands of the modern world, while keeping our customers’ kiosks relevant and reliable well into the future. If you have a question about service technology satisfaction, contact Advanced Kiosks’ customer support or fill out a technical support ticket.