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Printers and Media

The ZAMOK™ software supports a wide variety of printer types. Below are some of the hardware options to choose from, accommodating an assortment of functionality and media types.

Laser Printer

Prints on single 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper, 550 sheet paper tray.

Label Printer

Print adhesive labels for any event.

Receipt Printer

Prints receipt 3-4 inches wide from continuous roll. Options available with presenter, shelf and cover.

Ticket Printer

Print tickets up to 3.5″ width for any event. Available for fanfold ticket stock and roll paper.

Thermal Printer (8.5″ width)

Thermal Printer with Presenter and Retract Function. Prints on continuous roll of paper.

Hi-Density Thermal Printer (4.3″ width)

Provides fast and wide receipts for any need.

Extra Printer Paper Tray

Adds an additional 500 sheets of paper to the printer