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Kiosk Management Tools: Touch Pads and Signature Pads

Touch Input Options and ADA Compliance

ZAMOK™ supports the addition of a physical keyboard, signature pads, ADA Touch Pads or Bio Metric scanners.

The Zamok software supports a number of different hardware options for typing, text input and navigation. This flexibility allows each kiosk to accommodate a wide variety of users and applications.

ADA Touch PAd

If you need an option to lower accessibility on the kiosk a touch pad is the perfect solution.

On Screen Keyboard

For applications that are not conducive to a physical keyboard.

Physical Keyboard

An external keyboard for kiosks that need a lot of user input. Includes a 2-inch diameter track­ball.

Signature Pad

The signature pad is not a reader but it works like one and will record the customers’ signature.