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Streamline Visitors and Patients

QLine™ isQueuing a dynamic queuing software solution for self serve kiosks, designed for check-in, processing and visitor data gathering. Qline kiosk software checks-in visitors and sets them up in a queue. A queuing status is available on-screen or can be displayed elsewhere for high visibility and notify visitors via text message!

Qline kiosk queuing software allows your staff to organize waiting visitors in the queue, set-up alerts, track queue statistics with an easy to use interface that is simple to set-up!

  • Quick & Easy Set-Up: Qline queuing software is hosted on our cloud server and receives instant updates. With our bundled packages and simple pricing structure, you can be up and running in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Customer Flow Management: Qline speeds up processing with self-service check-in and allows for better organization with queue management. Visitors are aware of their status every step of the way via the lobby display monitor and estimated wait times.
  • Simple Data Collection: Qline provides reporting options to meet your needs. Reporting logs data in real time and can be drawn at the user and employee level as needed.

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How many agent stations can you have taking visitor requests?
You can have unlimited agent stations working simultaneously. Reporting options are also available to view data from each receptionist station.

Is there a limit to the number of questions being asked of the visitor?
No. An unlimited number of questions may be asked for the visitor. These are compiled in a drop down format for a quick and easy scroll on a touch screen monitor.

Do I need to add a printer to the kiosk?
It depends on how you want to process visitors. If your process identifies visitors as numbers (think deli counter) printing a ticket the visitor can take with them while they wait will help them recall their number.

A Great Solution For: 

  • Doctors and Dental Offices or other healthcare providers
  • Human Resources for larger businesses and corporations
  • College administration or guidance offices
  • DMV or other government municipalities
  • Any location with a high volume of visitors requiring reception