Self-Service Kiosks A to Z

A pair of Self Service Document Kiosks in the lobby of a courthouse building with print and scan functionality.

What is a self-service kiosk?

A self-service kiosk is a full solution, consisting of a touchscreen kiosk and the software to enable a customer to perform a self-service function, for example, pay a bill or check in for an appointment.  To see the hardware options we offer, visit our Kiosk Models Page. If you’re looking for software for kiosk management, see our Zamok kiosk Management Software.  For an overview of all our turnkey self-service kiosk solutions check out our Products section.

Does my organization need self-service functionality?

If you have identified a pain point or commonly experienced issue within your organization, maybe a self-service kiosk is right for your business. Here are some reasons why others have invested in our technology:

  • Improved customer experiences and service
  • Improved ticketing and payment processing solutions
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions like digital form fill
  • Increased opportunity for productivity among employees
  • Customers with the ability to conduct business outside of regular business hours


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A self-service kiosk can be the perfect solution for wayfinding and building directory functions in medical offices, college campuses, cemeteries, or any other venue where visitors may need assistance finding where they need to go. Add a printer to enable users to bring their custom map on the go.

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These self-service kiosks offer those without available or secure access to information technology to pay bills ranging from utility services to taxes to traffic tickets and more. Barcode scanners and credit card readers can expedite the payment process or even help auto-fill forms.

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Any organization that relies on visitor donations such as houses of worship, museums, tourist attractions, and more can benefit from a safe and secure donation kiosk. Offering the ability to accept donations via payment card can help boost badly needed revenue.

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Replace dingy paper catalogs or tabletop comment cards with a sleek, freestanding informational kiosk. Customers can look up product information, view the store’s inventory, or order items for home delivery.

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Minimize the burden on staff with a check-in or queuing kiosk. Patients arriving for a medical appointment, retail customers seeking specialized assistance, or arrivals at an auto repair shop simply check in at the kiosk to be served by the next available staff member.

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Business is increasingly conducted around the clock, but the company’s HR office may not be open or available to employees working the midnight shift on the factory floor. An HR kiosk can allow employees to check payroll information, request vacation time and sign up for benefits even when the HR office is closed.

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Enabling customers to fill out and send forms digitally provides great value and convenience. The end user can avoid the laborious process of printing, completing, scanning and sending through the automated digital form fill and delivery process.
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The sky is the limit when it comes to applications of kiosk technology. For organizations that frequently work with clients who don’t speak English, there’s the Interpretation Kiosk. To honor individuals for outstanding achievement or heroism, there’s the Tribute Station. We even offer self-service kiosks for self-storage facilities. If it can be accomplished on a self-service kiosk, Advanced Kiosks can make it happen.

Advanced Kiosks headquarters where they develop self-service technology.

Self-service kiosks improve the customer experience by allowing users to handle basic tasks on their own, freeing up staff to deliver more personalized service. In addition, kiosks allow deployers to provide services to their customers without the need for a brick-and-mortar location. A utility company or mobile phone provider, for example, can place a kiosk in a grocery store, shopping mall, or other location to allow their customers to perform transactions without having to travel to the service provider’s office.

For more complicated transactions such as interacting with a housing authority or applying for a building permit at the local courthouse, a kiosk solution such as the A.S.K. 3.0 allows users to sit at a desk and receive assistance from a remote agent via videoconference. Such assisted self-service interactions have been demonstrated to improve the accuracy of the information collected while dramatically lowering transaction costs.


With a self-service kiosk, users can conduct transactions at their own pace without feeling rushed. Depending on the kiosk location, users may have 24-hour access to the services they need. In addition, it may no longer be necessary to travel long distances to meet with a government agency or service provider.

Can a self-service kiosk integrate with my existing software?

Yes! In most cases, self-service kiosk software easily integrates with the software you use to manage inventory, control customer information, handle billing, and more. In a retail store, customers can use a self-service kiosk to see if the desired product is in stock or place an order for home delivery. In a medical facility, patients can use a self-service kiosk to check in to an appointment, enter health and insurance information, pay their bill, and handle a variety of other tasks. In a courthouse, self-service kiosk users can apply for permits, acknowledge probation appointments and pay fees. There are opportunities for self-service kiosks in organizations of all types.

Are self-service kiosks difficult to manage?

No! Our Zamok Self-Service Kiosk Software suite provides remote management tools and enhanced security. Deployers can be automatically notified if an issue arises and perform troubleshooting from the corporate headquarters.  Software updates and interface customization can be easily handled without having to visit the kiosk itself.

Are self-service kiosks expensive?

In many cases, an investment in a self-service solution can be recouped in months.  Several studies have demonstrated how kiosks can reduce transaction costs and increase sales. They don’t replace workers; they allow those workers to deliver more personalized service. The resulting increase in sales can actually create the need for additional staff.

Do self-service kiosks improve the guest experience?

Absolutely! A self-service kiosk allows users to conduct transactions at their own pace without the need to interact with staff. They help speed up service, reducing both perceived and actual wait time. Self-service kiosks can recognize who we are, delivering personalized service based on our likes and previous transaction history. Kiosks never forget to suggestive sell, ensuring users are connected with the products they need and desire.

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