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This self storage kiosks case study is an in depth interview with the founder of 10 Federal self storage. 10 Federal is a self-storage business in Graham, North Carolina that recently announced that it completed the lease on its first full-automated self-storage facility. They are opening the facility with the use of Janus International SecurGuard Electronic Lock, Advanced Kiosks Self-Service Kiosk technology, PTI security system access control solutions, and StorEdge’s FMS Management software system. They had been in this multi-family business since 2010 and were looking for a way to combine the power of self-service technology with the self-storage industry. One of their primary principles is to “embrace technology”. Brad Minsley, co-founder of 10Federal is a pioneer behind this innovative method of self-storage.

“…I think people are going that route because it just seems more efficient. I haven’t seen any drawbacks from any segment of our customer base from going unmanned. A lot of people find that it provides a better level of service because if somebody wants their account statement, price per unit, or if someone just needs to move into a unit in the middle of the night, that is now available to them.” – B. Minsley

pti security book10Federal has benefited greatly off of self-service technology by providing their clients the ability to serve themselves. It is cost-efficient, time efficient, and ecofriendly. Kiosks have improved customer satisfaction while keeping costs low, which is something every business can profit from.

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