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We get calls every week from frustrated kiosk owners with a kiosk that isn’t running well or at all. If you are in this difficult position, our popular Kiosk Rescue program may be exactly what you need. By reconditioning your kiosk software and hardware, we may be able to get your kiosk back up and running and preserve your existing investment.

Here’s how the Kiosk Rescue service works:

1. Review and Recondition Service

If your kiosk meets the eligibility criteria for this program, we will schedule support time with our computer kiosk technical team.

By using a combination of phone, email and remote access to your kiosk, one of our expert technicians will perform some or all of the following:

  • Assess and make recommendations
  • Identify attainable replacement parts
  • Install our ZAMOK Kiosk Management software
  • Configure for desired functionality
  • Get your kiosks online and running

Of course there are many variables to consider, and each situation is different. Not all kiosks will be salvageable or capable of using the latest technology. We will make every effort to get your existing investment back online and running better than ever.

2. Replacement Rebate Incentive

Since our ultimate goal is solving your self-service issues, if we are unable to bring your existing kiosks back to life after the Review and Reconditioning Service, we will apply 100% of the labor fee towards your purchase of a new computer kiosk to replace your existing system.


Our technician will have an initial phone screening with you to discuss the program. To be considered a candidate for the Kiosk Rescue program, your kiosk must meet the following criteria:

  • Kiosk must be able to turn on
  • Kiosk must have reliable internet access
  • Screen must be functional
  • Kiosk computer must be Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • You must be able to access the Windows desktop
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