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Providing Administrative Control and Integration Capabilities!

Zamok Foundation Kiosk Management Software

ZAMOK® Foundation is powerful kiosk management software included with all of our kiosks, it is the cornerstone of the Zamok Suite of solutions. Zamok is designed to lock down your kiosk and allow users to securely and conveniently access only content that is specified by the administrators.  Zamok Foundation addresses a wide array of security concerns common to self service solutions. The Zamok suite allows you to minimize your project’s development curve, while maximizing flexibility by offering a number of Add-on Functionalities on an ” a la carte” basis, allowing you to pay for only the solutions that you need.

The Zamok software suite is developed by Advanced Kiosks specifically for unattended, self service computer kiosks. The simple setup and add-on features are an instant favorite for first time owners and seasoned IT wizards alike.

Zamok Foundation is a fully functional web browser with the ability to handle HTML, PDF or Video content, but it can also be augmented with VOIP, various automated form filling options, and more. Our solutions allow many of our customers with unique needs to complete their objectives for their kiosk project for a fraction of the cost of a custom software implementation by allowing them to contract with a web developer as opposed to a software development firm.

Zamok Foundation has a number of security features including restricted keyboard combinations, password protected access to the desktop, and even the ability to require physical access to the computer inside the case to get to administrative functions on the kiosk itself.

Zamok is also designed to clear the cache of any personal identifying user information after every session, when the Home or Logout button is pressed, or after an administrator set idle time.




The Zamok Printing Solution allows kiosk users to only print what you allow, and no Microsoft™ printer prompt window will appear, creating a seamless user experience when printing is a necessary function. The Printing solution is now a standard feature and part of Zamok Foundation.

  • Print from most local & network default printers
  • ZAMOK navigation print icon
  • Privacy printing – certain documents can be printed without being opened on screen


Can Zamok be used to browse the web?

Yes, but only to a limited extent. Zamok is built on a web browser, but is designed in such a way that the a user can only visit the website content that an administrator chooses. There is no address bar, so users are limited to content on your website.

In the world of integrated social networking, even your website can be used to access social media platforms, or be linked to external websites. To keep users where you want them, we offer a robust whitelisting feature where you specify which websites and domains a user can access.

What content can Zamok display?

Zamok is extremely flexible in what it can be used for. Web and local content can both be displayed, with everything from web pages, PDF files, graphics, videos and more supported. If it can be viewed in a web browser, Zamok can display it.

Does Zamok store any information?

No, Zamok clears the cache after its idle timer lapses, and every time a user ends a session within Zamok.

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