Intuitive and Customizable User interface

No Coding Required

Zamok Homepage Solution

A Customizable homepage for your kiosk with no coding required

At Advanced Kiosks, we feel that self-service technology should be flexible, powerful and intuitive for both administrators and users – allowing access to a variety of content and applications without complicated coding or confusing menus on either end of the software. Zamok Homepage Solution is an optional expansion to Zamok Foundation tailor made to do just that.  It is a simple yet powerful tool designed to add immense value to your kiosk by bringing together a variety of sources and formats into a secure, intuitive, and customizable interface.  Adding a website, web application, PDF, or video to your interface can be done in seconds by simply filling out two fields: the text for the button, and the address for the content.


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Zamok Homepage Solution Allows you to customize the background, Logo, button icons, and number of buttons one each of our 4 intuitive template designs

Homepage template options


Zamok Homepage Solution allows buttons to be directed at web pages, pdf’s, or videos from various sources, bringing together a variety of diverse content into a simple intuitive user interface

What could be more simple than a collection of large clearly labeled buttons?

Homepage example

Zamok Homepage Solution has an exceptionally intuitive interface, allowing users to create buttons by filling out two simple fields – 1. The text for the button and 2. Where the button should go

Additionally there is the option to upload an icon for each button, but this is not required.

The ability to upload a cusom logo or background image is just one click away.



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