Solar Power and Touchscreen Display Kiosks: A Match for the Future

We’re at a moment where both solar energy and touchscreen display kiosks are on the verge of revolutionizing our economy — and that’s no coincidence.

At first glance, these two technological breakthroughs may seem entirely unrelated: One is a means of energy production and the other is a self-service mechanism.

What’s the connection? Follow me on this one.

Big Fixes Come in Compact Sizes

From combating the worst consequences of climate change to adapting to the changing nature of business in a digital economy, ours is a generation that’s destined to be confronted with big challenges to the way things have always been. In the case of both questions, our collective response has been the same: Leverage cutting-edge technology at a local level. And whether it’s reducing demand for fossil fuels by installing a solar array on your roof or maximizing your business’ efficiency with personalized self-service kiosks, the solutions to our biggest problems often seem to come from humble sources.

Given all of this, it’s no surprise that touchscreen display solutions from Advanced Kiosks have been a go-to component for so many of the solar companies that are cropping up across the nation. How so? Let me explain.

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With so many homes and small businesses making the switch to solar power, solar installers like Helios Solar Energy of New Jersey were in search of a way to give customers a solar kiosk display that allows them to monitor their energy production in real time. Recognizing that the market for solar panels is made up of more than experienced electricians, these companies wanted a user friendly experience that anyone could easily understand.

That’s where our Compact Power Kiosk comes in.

What Touchscreen Display Kiosks Bring to Solar 

solar touch screen kiosk displayA simple to install wall mounted kiosk with a 17” LCD touch screen, the Compact Power can easily be installed in a basement, garage, shed, or just about anywhere a consumer might want to turn in to a solar command center. What’s more, the pre-installed Zamok computer kiosk management software allows any solar company to easily convert their web based solar resources into a user friendly experience for laymen and linemen alike.

Beyond superior performance, our team of engineers strives to build durable kiosks that will maintain the same top notch standards of quality year after year. That’s why every one of our products comes with our industry leading 3 Year Warranty. We know these solar arrays are built to stand the test of time, and we want our customers to know that our kiosks are, too.

By combining the marvel that is solar energy and power of interactive touchscreen display technology, it’s our hope that Helios, Conti Solar, NRG Home Solar, and other solar companies will continue to choose Advanced Kiosks as their partner in clean energy expansion.

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