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Touch screen kiosks have been finding homes in churches across the globe for some time now in order to serve as interactive church technology solutions. Whether they are used as a check in kiosk for the church’s childcare services, as an interactive calendar that informs the congregation about upcoming events, or by making online giving for churches helpful, easy, and available, church kiosks are assisting busy congregations in so many ways.  We have worked with numerous churches over the years and from these conversations, we have created a church technology solution that is the right fit for your congregation’s needs.


HardwareFreestanding Kiosk
Add-onsLabel Printer
Magnetic Stripe Reader
Barcode Scanner
SoftwareZamok Foundation
Zamok: Homepage
Zamok: Credit Card
Events Crier
Service & SupportAdvanced Support
Best for Tithing
Child Check-in
Community Events




freestanding-kiosk-dimensions-largeTHE KIOSK

For the best church technology solution package, we have selected the popular and versatile FreeStanding kiosk. (If you prefer a different interactive kiosk, please let us know.) Our FreeStanding kiosk has an inviting and ergonomic design, which is key to encouraging interaction with any touch screen kiosk. This kiosk includes wheels at the base so you can move your church kiosk and easily position it where ever you think it will best serve your congregation. You can also customize the FreeStanding kiosk with a choice of 10 different colors (custom colors available on request), and add your church logo to the kiosk as well.


CARD-BARCODE-READERAny web based childcare check in software will work on the FreeStanding kiosk, and we added a barcode scanner for church IDs as well as a label printer that will distribute a label for each child and a matching one for the child’s caregivers. The caregiver must produce the matching label when picking up their child. This system of checks and balances ensures your church families are kept safe.

The FreeStanding kiosk is also equipped with a magnetic stripe reader, which works with your tithing software to ensure a secure transaction, making online church giving effortless for your congregation. Instead of having to carry cash or checks, your church families can donate whenever they happen to be at church and not rush to the ATM before services. This is not the future of church technology solutions for online church giving. This is the now.



We also include our kiosk management software programs, Zamok Foundation, and Zamok Homepage. Zamok Foundation will lock down your church kiosks, so they cannot be tampered with and so that individuals aren’t able to surf the web, and will ensure that your computer kiosks are running smoothly at all times. Zamok Homepage Solution allows you to easily customize the interface on your touch screen kiosks, directing your congregation to different church technology solutions as needed. For example, one button on the interface would be for Childcare Check In, another for Gifting and a third button for EventsCrier, which will let everyone know about the upcoming events at your church. With Zamok Homepage Solution you can have up to 8 different buttons on your kiosk interface and you can easily change them whenever you wish, without needing to know how to write code.


This is the complete church technology solution to create a superior interactive experience for your congregation, while saving your time so you can focus on what is most important to your family in faith.

Download the Church Technology Solutions White Paper

We want to share with you some of the ways we have helped out various religious communities in the past, and maybe their stories will help you in deciding if a self-service solution is right for you.


Do you like the solution, but the hardware doesn’t quite match your situation?

That’s fine!  Customization is a big part of what we do, and when it comes to solving your problem, that is our priority.  If there is something about this package you would like to change, modify, or swap out, just contact us through the link below and tell us what you need.   A member of our team will be in touch to find out the details of your project and how we can best engineer a solution for you.


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