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School-SpiritSchool Spirit Interactive Kiosk

Encourage student engagement and showcase everything happening at your school. The kiosk comes fully setup and assembled. Order a School Spirit Kiosk by June 30th, 2023 and receive $1,000 off!READ MORE

Visitor Management SystemLAAS – Visitor Management System

Give your visitors the access they need and your facility the security it requires. This high-end self-service visitor management solution provides a host of convenient features, including name tags and visitor logs… READ MORE

Office ExtensionOffice Extension 3.0

Offer the convenience of 24-hour access while saving time and money automating services and paperwork…READ MORE


Translation for complex conversations by a live professional via video streaming. All use in on demand. Pay monthly only for the minutes used… READ MORE


Recommended Product for Schools

Introducing our suite of self-service solutions, designed to help schools achieve more in less time. Our innovative products are tailored to enhance efficiency, improve communication, and elevate the overall user experience.

By implementing these advanced solutions in your school, you can transform your operations, improve communication channels, and create a more efficient and engaging environment for all stakeholders. Take the first step toward unlocking your school’s full potential by exploring these exceptional self-service solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of educational institutions.

School Spirit Interactive Kiosk

Introducing the School Spirit Interactive Kiosk, a powerful self-service kiosk designed to keep your school community informed and engaged with all that’s happening on campus.

Schools can be busy and complex environments, making it challenging for individuals to stay on top of the latest news, events, and activities. The School Spirit solves this problem by consolidating information from various sources and presenting it in a highly configurable and accessible interface.

With this product, you can customize the interface to suit your school’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring that everyone knows what’s happening at your school.

Whether you’re a parent, student, or faculty member, The School Spirit Interactive Kiosk is the ultimate solution for enhancing communication, building school spirit, and creating a more connected school community.

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Number two for schools is the LAAS, an advanced visitor management system. 

The list of tasks that LAAS can perform is impressive: Check-in, name tags, look up and call people or departments, text messaging, wayfinding, as well as convenience features such as Wi-Fi access, local information, event calendar and quick help for deliveries.

We wrap it all up with advanced translation of over 160 languages, accessibility contrast features and a lower menu for ADA compliance.  

Not impressed? It will also recognize humans and welcome them!

Visitor Management System - Brochure

Find images, feature videos, FAQs, brochure, sample interfaces, pricing, recommended kiosk models and related blogs.


Office Extension is true to its name. It is a self-service extension of your office.  The interface software, ZAMOK, can be set up for your users to do many functions on their own, enabling them to pay bills, fill out forms, look up records, and scan and submit documents. It also communicates to you and your staff with weekly reports, real-time notifications and emails of customers’ submittals.

Now, with the release of version 3.0, the Office Extension can do even more, from translations to recognition of QR and barcodes along with more controls on the layout of the interface.


Find images, feature videos, FAQs, brochure, sample interfaces, pricing, recommended kiosk models and related blogs.


Live, on-demand translation services paid for by the minute. No more looking for a translator of one language who may be working on something else, or scheduling an interpreter to come in for a 2-hour minimum next week. 

The InterpreStation provides a live video feed on demand to interpreters of over 240 languages as well as American sign language.  Our customers all agree that not only is the kiosk a cost-saving tool but also saves the time of having to schedule interpreters and for customers to come back. The ADA-compliant hardware not only is tamper-proof but provides handsets for better sound clarity, cleanliness and durability in public areas.

InterpreStation - Brochure

Find images, feature videos, FAQs, brochure, sample interfaces, pricing, recommended kiosk models and related blogs.

A few of our Education customers…

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Self Service for Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What software is running on the kiosk?

A Windows 10 Professional OS and our Zamok kiosk Management system. Zamok provides a secure browser window for all interaction over the internet.

What will the kiosk location need for the kiosk to work?

The kiosk will need a power outlet within 4 feet of the kiosk and an internet connection. All kiosks come with WiFi but an internet connection by cat5 is preferred.

What else is needed when I get the kiosk?

Unpack it and plug it in, it is fully assembled and our Onboarding process will set up the software and interface for you.

Can I make changes to the software and the kiosk user interface?

Yes, you will be provided with a username and password to log into your Zamok account. Make changes as needed.

What are your lead times?

6 to 10 weeks but call sales for real numbers.

How do I purchase a product from Advanced Kiosks?

Send us a Purchase order or a PO and you have 30 days to pay us in full after your receive the kiosk.

Do you have any cooperative purchasing programs?

Advanced Kiosks has a GSA contract and is our guaranteed best price. See here for more information.