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New Information Communication Technology (ICT) products to enhance students & faculty engagement

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Visitor Management SystemVisitor Management System

Give your visitors the access they need and your facility the security it requires. This high-end self-service visitor management solution provides a host of convenient features, including name tags and visitor logs… SEE BELOW


Translation for complex conversations by a live professional via video streaming. All use in on demand. Pay monthly only for the minutes used… SEE BELOW

School-SpiritSchool Spirit Showcase

Everything happening at your organization is available in one place and is easily updated. Show students everything that is happening, from daily announcements to calendar events to local news and more, helping to get them involved… SEE BELOW


You can pause the movie above to read about the highlighted feature.

This interactive kiosk can provide conveniences to your visitors such as: event schedules, news and announcements, RSS feeds, bulletin board, building Wi-Fi code, call directories, delivery notifications, visitor logs, building maps, translation of the interface, accessibility features and much more.  The name tag feature generates a high quality badge to help prevent access to the school building by unauthorized persons.

  • Fully self-service so your facility can remain locked, and your staff is freed from the task of managing visitors.
  • The kiosk can welcome visitors, eliminating any doubt about what they should do.
  • Visitors can choose a department or person to call or text by VOIP. No phone line needed.
  • Visitors can print a nametag that includes their picture if required.
  • Comes fully assembled with a 3-year warranty.
  • Our detailed onboarding process ensures all software is set up and tested when the unit arrives.
  • Weekly usage report is automatically delivered to your email.
  • Accessibility functions for ADA compliance.
  • Translation into any of 240 languages.

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Live Interpretation Solutions

With schools struggling to cope with an increased number of students and/or parents with limited command of English, the InterpreStation offers 24/7 on-demand, live video interpretation, with no minimum usage, of 240 languages and American Sign Language on an interactive countertop kiosk with dual phones.

Users can have complex conversations through a human translator.

  • Translation is simple and intuitive.
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wait time for a translator to connect is typically less than a minute.
  • All usage is on demand. No scheduling needed.
  • Translation for more than 250 languages available. Low-use languages may not have video.
  • American Sign Language and other sign languages available.
  • Comes fully assembled with a 3-year warranty.
  • Weekly usage report is automatically delivered to your email.
  • Hardware is ADA compliant.
  • Onboarding team brands the interface and sets up all software.
  • Training is included with onboarding.
  • Durable handset allows for privacy and is suitable for the hearing impaired.

Play the video above to view a demonstration of the Interprestation.

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school spirit
The School Spirit is an innovative solution for any institution of learning looking to enhance student and faculty engagement.

Not only does it provide a wealth of services and information, such as schedules, clubs, events, trophy cases, maps, class resources, and even mental health resources, but it also comes equipped with multi-language and full accessibility features to meet everyone’s needs, ensuring that all members of the school community have equal access to the information it provides.

Additionally, the kiosk is fully customizable, with administrators able to control all messaging and functionality from their desktop, making it easy to stay up-to-date and on top of school-wide happenings.

One of the key features of the kiosk is that automatically updates from current information resources, so it doesn’t need to be updated constantly, saving valuable time for school staff.

  • No updates are needed – all information is pulled from existing media sources and displayed.
  • Easily add media as needed.
  • Accessibility for visually impaired.
  • Translation of interface and most media to up to 126 languages on demand.
  • Hardware is ADA compliant.
  • QR codes can be added to any feature for click & go access
  • Comes fully assembled with a 3-YEAR warranty.
  • Weekly report of usage is automatically delivered to your email box.
  • Onboarding brands the interface and setups all software.
  • Training is included with onboarding
  • Durable handset allow for privacy and hearing impaired.

Find images, feature videos, FAQs, brochure, sample interfaces, pricing, recommended kiosk models and related blogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What self-service kiosk is recommended for K-12 schools?

We offer many self-service kiosk models for K-12 schools, but some of the most popular kiosks include:

  • Document Kiosk
  • Freestanding Kiosk
  • Pedestal Kiosk
  • Indoor Monolith Kiosk
  • Outdoor Monolith Kiosk

What are the use cases for a kiosk in K-12 schools?

The use cases for a self-service kiosk in K-12 schools vary by department. For example, a kiosk outside the athletic department at a high school could be much different from the front office at an elementary school. That said, below are some common uses cases in K-12 schools:

  • Printing and scanning
  • Meal plan payments/food ordering
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Ticketing (for game days)!
  • Registering for courses
  • Event promotion
  • Campus wayfinding

What are the benefits of a self-service kiosk at a K-12 school?

The benefits of an interactive kiosk at a K-12 school include:

  • Student retention increase
  • Decrease in staff demand
  • Services available 24/7
  • Increase event awareness
  • Reduce visitor wait times

What departments in a K-12 school use self-service kiosks?

Self-service kiosks are utilized in a variety of different departments in K-12 schools, including:

  • Front entrance
  • Athletic department
  • Academic departments
  • Sports facilities
  • Admissions office
  • School nurse
  • Principal’s office
  • Office of the superintendent

What is the School Spirit Showcase?

The School Spirit Showcase, part of our TRIBUTE™ kiosk software, is an interactive kiosk platform created to honor and highlight students, alumni, faculty, sports teams, clubs, and more.

The engaging interface is easily customized to accommodate school colors, branding or logos. Provide a WOW factor for prospective students and parents on tours and excite students by showing off achievements, photos, videos and more.