Use Case: Lobby Kiosks

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Lobby Kiosks Are Your Digital Concierge

An interactive kiosk is the perfect way to modernize the lobby of any building. A kiosk works as your digital doorman and virtual concierge, providing information and 24 hour self-service access to visitors.

Touch screen kiosks in lobbies can help in a variety of situations.  When combined with visitor management software, they allow visitors to print visitor badges and contact people in the building.  Interactive kiosks can also provide wayfinding to visitors, which is particularly useful in large retail settings like shopping malls.

Lobby Self-Service Computer Kiosk

Common Functions

  • Building Directories
  • Company Overview Display
  • ID Badge Scanning
  • Promotions and Events
  • Products and Services Showcase


  • Provide 24/7 Access Convenience
  • Reduce Staffing Costs
  • Increase Self-Service Information Access
  • Improve Building Appeal
  • Upsell Opportunities to Promote Businesses