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We consider our customers’ input very valuable. We would prefer to talk to you so we can understand how we did and how we can do better.  If you do not have time to have a 20 minute conversation, please fill out the questions below. 

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How satisfied are you with the purchasing process?
How satisfied are you with the onboarding process?
How satisfied are you with the product itself?
How satisfied are you with the follow-up process?
How important is warranty length to you and your business?
How important is price to you and your business in the product/vendor selection process?
Would you say introducing self-service technology has positively impacted your business operations and bottom line?
Do you believe you may add more self-service technology to your operation at any point in the future?
How important is it to you and your business that the product is made in the USA?
If/when you look to add more self-service technology, would Advanced Kiosks be your vendor of choice?


If you have purchased Zamok please answer the following:
Do you get the Zamok weekly report?
Do you find value in the weekly report or is there other information needed in it?
Have you made remote changes to the kiosk(s) by signing into your Zamok account?
What features are you finding most valuable?
Do you feel like you understand all the features of the Zamok Software?
Were there any changes needed in your internal systems for the kiosk to work?

Kiosk Questions

Do you utilize all the hardware peripherals on your kiosk?
Do you use the scanner + document popup solution often?
Do you use the VoIP handset + VoIP solution often?
Do you use the website functionality often?
Do you get use from digital form fill often?
Do you use email submission often?
Do you use other the card reader often?
Do you use the printer often?
Have your (clients/visitors?) found it easy to adjust to the new technology?
Has your staff found it easy to adjust to the new technology?
Do you find the types of information provided to your staff for training to be sufficient? (Manuals, Walkthroughs, Support, Onboarding etc)
Do you often find challenges with maintaining the kiosks? (changing paper/toner, cleaning)
Are you planning future uses for your current kiosks? (New implementations of features?)
How often do you have issues with your kiosk?
How often do you contact support to resolve issues?
How often do you review kiosk usage reports either from the weekly email, or from the dashboard “reports” section?
How often do you use the kiosk management software to make changes?
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