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May 17, 2017

Hello all! I hope all has been well for you so far. Our year has been crazy filled with content creation and research to provide you, our readers, with quality resources that can guide you through your self-service journey. It’s easy to understand that all of this can be hard to swallow all at once. So to help you parse out some reading to start with, I have compiled a list of our top posts this year. As of May 17, 2017, these are the top five resources for self-service kiosks. 1) SELF-SERVICE TECHNOLOGY BUYER’S GUIDE Kiosks, mobile apps,...

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March 7, 2017

10 Federal Self-Storage & Self-Service Kiosks This self storage kiosks case study is an in depth interview with the founder of 10 Federal self storage. 10 Federal is a self-storage business in Graham, North Carolina that recently announced that it completed the lease on its first full-automated self-storage facility. They are opening the facility with the use of Janus International SecurGuard Electronic Lock, Advanced Kiosks Self-Service Kiosk technology, PTI security system access control solutions, and StorEdge’s FMS Management software system. They had been in this multi-family business since 2010 and were looking for a way to combine the power of...

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