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WHITE PAPER: Self Storage Facility Differentiation

December 2, 2016

Self-Service Kiosks & Self Storage All over the country, self-storage facilities are using self-service technology to improve customer satisfaction and differentiate themselves from the competition. Self-service kiosks can be used for registration, checking into a unit, paying a bill, and ‘wayfinding’ (finding the way to the unit). They fit into several industries, including healthcare, education, government, general business, airports, and many more. After the recession of 2008, businesses were greatly impacted, and self-storage was no exception. As self storage begins to rise in revenue every year since the recession, differentiation has become a huge part of what makes a...

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Interview: Automated Self Storage with Brad Minsley

April 11, 2016

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Brad Minsley about his interactive kiosk project for his self storage facilities. Brad is a savvy businessman who has had a very successful career in real estate. After working in the multi-family business world for many years, he went on to Co-Found 10 Federal and to enter the self storage industry. If you are a self storage industry professional, this is an interview you cannot afford to miss. Enjoy!   Nancy Deol: Thank you for sitting down with me today Brad! The first question I have for you is will you please tell us...

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