The Evolution of Self-Service Technology

The Increasing Demand for Self-service Technology

As populations grow, the demand for consumer controlled experiences is quickly becoming a major priority.
This infographic shows the evolution of self-service technology and how it has increased over the years.

The Evolution of Self-Service Technology

As crowds increase, self-service technology becomes more valuable

Everywhere you go, the crowds are increasing be it visiting the DMV, shopping for groceries, retail stores or any variety of appointments. The evolution of self-service technology has been a reaction to what businesses and consumers need in order to accommodate larger volumes of people and provide good customer service.

We saw the need and engineered solutions

This growing need is something that Advanced Kiosks recognized many years ago and we have been evolving the technology along with the changing landscape ever since. Our company started out as a dedicated custom engineering organization and a few short years into it, Advanced Kiosks was officially established to accommodate this growing need.

Spanning dozens of industries

Self-service technology and interactive kiosks are becoming more vital to dozens of industries. Even industries that do not service incoming public traffic, such as a large company or manufacturer, are better servicing employees with the implementation of self-service. Examples of this include Human Resources services, payroll info, forms and sign-ups, procedures and company documentation, and much more.

The list of needs continues to grow

The ability to diversify how computer kiosks are used make the adoption a much easier choice and easy to justify with immediate ROI benefits. In an age where almost everything is electronically accessed and interacted with, the capabilities for self-service are rapidly expanding.

Experience and innovation are what we have to offer

Maybe this is tooting our own horn a bit but what sets Advanced Kiosks apart from the rest is the combination of talent and experience creating self service solutions for so many years. We don’t just sell kiosk boxes, we engineer both the hardware and the software solutions that work seamlessly together to deliver the best end user experience on the market. Our team of engineers have evolved and refined our products over the years and will continue to do so indefinitely. That’s what we do and we do it well!

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