Botswana Power Corporation

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Kaiser Permanente
  • Industry: Human Resources
  • Product: Office Extension
  • Kiosk Model: Document
  • Zamok Subscription: Basic
  • Details: Established in 1970, Botswana Power Corporation is the only electricity supplier in the entire country of Botswana. For those who are unfamiliar, Botswana is located in the center of South Africa, approximately 8,000 miles from the Advanced Kiosks factory in Concord, NH.

    Botswana Power Corporation reached out looking for a convenient way for their 1,000+ employees to access their HR services. They already had a management software system in place, using SAP as their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Thus, it was integral to the project that the new solution they adopted would be able to work seamlessly with their existing software.
    The Office Extension 3.0 proved to be the best solution on the market for their requirements, as they have purchased six kiosks to roll out throughout their facilities. The logistics of shipping six kiosks across the world has proven complicated, but no project is too difficult for Advanced Kiosks.

  • Use Case:
    • Staff directory
    • Document scanning
    • Incident reporting
    • Video conferencing
    • Email
    • 3rd Party Software integration