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Document Kiosk

The ideal self service kiosk is the Document Kiosk

P/N: H32-30-100

When you need a self service kiosk to maximize your HRMS investment or your university wants to deploy printing stations for students, meeting them where they are, you choose the Document Kiosk.

Some examples of Document Kiosk functionalities include:

An HR Kiosk for employee self service – benefits management, payroll and time clock, time off requests, corporate communications, business website and intranet access (for employees without individual computers – manufacturing, warehouse, large retailers), MSDS access, scanning, printing and much more.

An Education Kiosk for colleges and universities in need of strategically placed printing stations, email access, schedule lookup and printing, scanning and emailing of forms (financial aid, schedule change requests, housing preferences), activity information (intramurals, events on campus, trips, clubs) as well as emergency alerts and class cancellations.

The Document Kiosk is the only self service kiosk on the market today that has a full size thermal printer and (optional) flatbed scanner. If your organization is interested in taking a step in the direction of the paperless movement, the Document Kiosk can meet that need using self service technology to collect and transmit information digitally.

The Document Kiosk was designed to include a full size printer, commercial keyboard, VOIP handset (optional), full page scanner (optional) and the ability to be customized with additional options to do more than display and promote content. This self service kiosk was engineered in such a way to ensure it was a true information portal, allowing information to easily be passed both ways – between the kiosk user and the organization. This is why HR departments have been utilizing Document Kiosks as an effective and convenient way to bring HR services, and tools, closer to the employees who need them. This self service kiosk is here to give those working in your HR department a helping hand by streamlining processes and removing tedious tasks that can consume large amounts of time and resources.

That being said, it’s not only about function with the Document Kiosk. Although known as a tough self service kiosk, you can customize the look of the Document Kiosk with a high definition graphic laminate. This makes the Document Kiosk not only a great two way information portal, but also a fantastic means to show your organization’s pride.

Standard Package

  • Our Easy to Use Kiosk Management Software, Zamok
  • 3 year warranty , on electronics and enclosure
  • Wi-Fi and cat 5 connector
  • Monochrome laser printer
  • Paint, black body with silver doors, powder coating process
  • 2 external USB ports with metal patch to block to not use
  • Movable printer shelf to accommodate differing printer sizes
  • Amplified stereo speakers
  • Thermal control cooling system
  • Back lite all metal external keyboard w/ trackball
  • Built in surge protector
  • Mini ITX computer System with a 2.6 GHz dual core processor,2 GB Ram and 120 GB Solid State Drive SSD
  • 14 gauge all steel enclosure
  • 19″ LCD touchscreen monitor
  • Lock and key access
  • All mounting hardware to mount to floor or wall.
  • Set-up instructions, manuals and quick start guide
  • Flash drive for system restore
  • All electrical components meet UL and FCC standards
  • ADA compliant, call for details


  • Magnetic strip/ credit card reader
  • Graphic wrap, front or/and sides
  • Bar code or/and QR code scanner
  • VOIP handset w/ or w/o switching technology
  • Document full-page flatbed scanner
  • Camera
  • Biometric readers, call for details
  • Privacy screen
  • Additional Support Services
  • Thermal printer 8.5” by 11″
  • 2nd paper tray for laser printer
  • Computer upgrades
  • Signature pad
  • Battery Backup


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Product Details


Download the Document Kiosk brochure with our contact information and let us know if you have any questions, or would like to request a quote


 employee services kiosks brochure


What if by helping yourself, you were also helping your customers & vice versa? You can.

The aim of all self-service technology is to equip the users with everything they need to fulfill their wants in a manner that is easy to use, and requires them to use as little of their own resources as possible.  At the same time this technology can play an important role in helping organizations provide better service to more customers by creating access to services that would otherwise be restricted by location, operating hours, and/or the number of qualified staff.  As an added benefit, when utilized, self-service technology can often cut expenses by acting as a force multiplier for existing staff, reducing the need for materials for some traditional paper based processes, and connecting users with a wider range of information from any single location.

kiosk options

Credit Card / Magnetic Strip Reader

Scans the magnetic strip found on a credit or user card.

kiosk options

Graphic Laminate Options

Customize your kiosk with your company logo or design of your choice. We use cut vinyl for durability.

kiosk options

VOIP Handset

a payphone quality handset with switching technology, as soon as the handset is lifted from the cradle the speaker are turned off giving the kiosk user privacy.

kiosk options

Document Scanner

It scans documents.

kiosk options

Web Camera

We offer a minimum of 720p 5pixel web camera, higher pixel options available.

kiosk options

Fingerprint and Palm scanner

Scan a user’s bio-metric data to confirm their identity.

kiosk options

Additional Support Services

Additional Support services range from having phone and remote support, extended warranties, advanced replacement services

kiosk options

Privacy Filter

Apply a privacy filter to your kiosk monitor to enhance security and privacy. The monitor contents are blurred when seen at indirect angles.

kiosk options

Thermal Printer 8.5" wide roll

Thermal Printer 8.5" wide, with a continues roll of paper

kiosk options

Extra Printer Paper Tray

Adds an additional 500 sheets of paper to the printer

kiosk options

Computer Upgrades

Upgrade the computer from the standard dual-core processor, 2gb of ram, and Windows 7 to anything that is needed.

kiosk options

Signature Pad

Well signature pad is not a reader but it works like one and will record the customers' signature.

Monitor 19.0″ Touch Screen

Aspect RatioAspect 5:4
Touch TechnologySurface Acoustic Wave
Display TechnologyTFT LCD with LED backlight
Native Resolution1280 x 1024


OSWindows 10 Professional
ProcessorIntel 2.60GHz Dual Core
System Memory2GB DDR3 1333/1600
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
Storage Device120GB Solid State Drive
Operating Temperature0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)
Wi-Fi600mW Wireless N150


Zamok® is the most advanced computer kiosk management software on the market today and the most affordable. The Zamok Foundation® software comes included on all kiosks we sell and the additional solutions are designed and sold as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for a low monthly or yearly cost. You purchase what you need for when you need it. All Zamok® solutions are easy to use and add value to your touch screen kiosks while taking minimal technical knowledge to get up and running. What does this mean to you? No updates, no maintenance fees, no servers and one low cost. When you no longer need our solutions you can simply turn it off and stop paying for it.

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