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Kaiser Permanente
  • Industry: Government
  • Product: Assisted Self Service
  • Kiosk Model: Aegis Booth
  • Zamok Subscription: Premier + Custom Software Development
  • Details: Advanced Kiosks developed a highly secure & private kiosk system that allows members of Native American Tribes to communicate with Bureau of Trust Funds Administration (BTFA) representatives and access federal benefits. This massive project required development of both hardware and software systems held to the extremely high security standards of FedRAMP. A Phaze Zero was implemented, where the Advanced Kiosks team conducted extensive research on all aspects of the project before proposing a design. Some of the findings identified the need for a solution in which the agent could perform the tasks needed to help technologically-challenged demographics typical of the area.
    The result is a cutting-edge workstation built into a private booth that allows for free communication of sensitive materials with no risk of intrusion. The agent has full control of said booth, allowing them to remotely control both the booth itself, and operate the software to assist the beneficiary as needed. All the user needs to do is tap a button on the screen and the agent takes control from there.
  • Use Case:
    • Video conferencing
    • Customer service & support
    • Document sharing (scanning & printing)
    • Remote device control
    • Phase Zero (Custom hardware & software)
  • Results: As a result of this project, Advanced Kiosks was awarded with an elusive and prestigious ‘Exceptional’ CPARS Rating. The Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System is the Federal Government’s process for assessing the performance of a vendor on contracted work.
Aegis Booth
Aegis Booth
Aegis Booth
Aegis Booth