Hennepin County, MN

Kaiser Permanente
  • Industry: Government
  • Product: Office Extension
  • Kiosk Model: Document Kiosk (QTY: 26)
  • Zamok Subscription: Premier
  • Details: Health & Human Services / Public Housing initiative.
    In Hennepin County, MN, 53,090 households make below 30% of the area median income. And like most cities around the country, the county faces a significant challenge in helping those residents find affordable housing.
    As part of its effort to help provide a range of affordable housing options and services across income levels, the county deployed 26 kiosks in a variety of locations, including in government buildings, libraries, and on the campus of the University of Minnesota.
    In addition to accepting applications for housing and connecting residents to services via an included VOIP handset, the kiosks allow residents to apply for healthcare and other benefits, scan documents, print forms, register to vote and more.
  • Use Case:
    • Voter Registration
    • Apply for Healthcare/Benefits
    • Call to Connect with Services
    • Scan Documents
    • Print Forms
    • Waypoint (Map/Wayfinding)
    • Apply for Homestead (Housing)
    • Make Payments