Kingsport Veterans Memorial

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Project: KINGSPORT VETERANS MEMORIAL Launches Customized Tribute Station

Kingsport, Tennessee

Kingsport has successfully launched an Outdoor Enviro Kiosk with our Tribute Software customized to include a wayfinding map for each entry.

The kiosk allows users to search over 2100 veterans by the branch of service or keywords and view information about their military service, as well as view walking directions to their memorial location.

Click to view the Kingsport Veterans Memorial website and to try out their online version of our Tribute Kiosk software.

Kingsport Veterans Memorial Software and Kiosk - Outdoor Enviro Kiosk
Kingsport Veterans Memorial


  • Customize colors, branding and graphics
  • Easily update and add content and pictures
  • Quality commercial grade hardware
  • Indoor and outdoor models to choose from
  • Built in software to manage your kiosk remotely

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