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Interactive Cemetery Kiosks for Tributes & Memorials

Establishing a digital cemetery kiosk memorial is the perfect way to honor loved ones, military heroes, and other public figures who made a lasting impact in your community and around the world.

With Self-Service Digital Kiosk Solutions, visitors to your cemetery kiosk can: 

  • Access wayfinding services and burial site locations
  • Pay respects at any time
  • Share stories, photos and biographies
  • Sign a guestbook or access funeral home services
  • Conduct educational field trips to gravesites

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Benefits of Self-Service Cemetery Kiosks for Memorials:

At Advanced Kiosks, we work with you to create an interactive digital kiosk experience that honors your loved ones in an impactful, authentic, and lasting way with memories, photos, writeups, and more.

Interactive digital kiosks are elegant additions to national and municipal cemeteries and their memorials honoring fallen military and law enforcement. These dedication kiosks will tell your heroes’ stories lovingly and respectfully with engaging digital media, accessible any time visitors come to pay their respects. Memorial kiosks can also provide wayfinding services, grave locators and brick finders to guide visitors to their loved one’s final resting place.

  • Provide continuous service 24/7
  • Reduce staffing demands
  • Display digital media and cemetery daa
  • Update your digital kiosks easily

Features and Use Cases

Our Tribute kiosk solution comes with a wealth of features and options that add significant value to your processes and customer service. Click on the options below to learn more.

Information Access G Icon

A perfect way to get information across to the people who need it.

Wayfinding G Icon

Interactive maps can provide visitors with directions to their destination.

Printing and Media G Icon

Variety of options, like full-size, label, ticket, and receipt printing.

Donations G Icon

Povide a convenient way for people to make donations.

Marketing G Icon

Provide an efficient delivery mechanism to build brand awareness

Lobby G Icon

A kiosk is the perfect way to modernize the lobby of any building.

Donations G Icon












“The team at Advance Kiosk took our concept and created a turn-key solution that provided the exact interactive experience we were looking for our visiting students and teachers.”

Veteran Heritage Learning Center
Concord, NH


When our customers use self-service cemetery kiosks for tributes and memorials, members of your community and visitors can pay tribute at any time, share heartwarming stories, sign a guestbook, and connect personally with the heroes lost.

We have worked with many customers from New Hampshire to Florida and everywhere in between, including:


Interactive kiosks are elegant additions to cemetery memorials honoring fallen military and law enforcement.

Tell your heroes’ stories in an engaging and respectful manner with engaging digital media, accessible any time visitors come to pay their respects.

Cemetery memorial kiosks can also provide wayfinding services, including maps and grave locators to guide visitors to their loved one’s final resting place.

Recommended Kiosk Models for Tributes & Memorials

Enviro Kiosk


The Outdoor Enviro is a state-of-the-art, outdoor touch screen kiosk designed for extreme climates. Ideal for delivering information and wayfinding for visitors at businesses or local attractions. Pairing this kiosk with the ZAMOK™ Kiosk Software suite unlocks a host of capabilities.

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Outdoor Monolith Kiosk


A large touchscreen kiosk that demands your customers’ attention. With 46″ and 55″ display options, the Monolith Outdoor Information Kiosk increases brand awareness by providing an inviting way to attract new customers.

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Pedestal kiosk visitor management system


This impressive over sized touch screen kiosk enhances any lobby or interactive exhibit. With its 43” horizontal, touch screen monitor, this interactive kiosk makes a statement when providing information for visitors to your location.

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The Wall-Mounted Touchscreen Kiosk can be a clean and simple installation for self-service or an immersive experience for your customers.

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Kiosk Management software

Our proprietary background software provides functionality and security for your self-service courthouse kiosk.

Our ZAMOK™ Kiosk Software suite maximizes the functionality and value of your interactive kiosk solution. It is this added value that puts Advanced Kiosks’ products head and shoulders above other kiosk manufacturers.

Not only does it provide kiosk security, management tools, hardware support, and increased functionality for courthouses around the country, but Zamok also enables ease of integration with third-party software, tools, and content.

Already own a touch screen kiosk but need software? Our team can install Zamok on your kiosk’s computer and have you up and running in no time.

The Advanced Kiosks Process

The Advanced Kiosks Process

We are here for you

Advanced Kiosks wants to ensure you understand and are comfortable with the process of getting your kiosks up and running.

Reach out today, and a member of our team will answer your questions and get your project started.

Kiosks 101

Interactive Kiosks

An interactive kiosk is a complete, self-service solution that delivers your services to those who need them with ease and functionality.

A kiosk solution has three parts:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • User Interface

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the use cases for a tribute & memorial kiosk?

Common use cases for self-service kiosks for tributes and memorials include:

  • Information access
  • Military service memorials
  • Donations 
  • Cemetery maps
  • Visual storytelling
  • Interactive marketing
  • Wayfinding
  • Guest book and visitor logs
  • Custom map printing

What interactive kiosk is recommended for the tributes & memorials industry?

We offer many self-service kiosk models for tributes and memorials, but the most popular model is the Freestanding Kiosk bundled with Tribute Software.

What are the benefits of a kiosk for Tributes & Memorials?

Automating a tribute or memorial with a self-service kiosk has many benefits, including:

  • 24/7 access for visitors
  • Reduced demand on staff
  • Rich media display
  • Quick and convenient information access

What customers have you worked with? 

We are honored to have worked with many renowned customers for their tributes and memorials, including:

Click here to learn more about our tribute and memorial customers.