Kaiser Permanente
  • Industry: Transportation
  • Product: Custom
  • Kiosk Model: Freestanding
  • Zamok Subscription: Premier
  • Details: SouthWest Transit, established in 1986 by three Minneapolis suburbs seeking enhanced public transport services, has continually embraced technological advancements to redefine public transportation. The introduction of their video-chat customer service kiosks exemplifies this innovative spirit, embodying their motto, “Expect the Best.” This feature particularly benefits their satellite stations, which are staffed limitedly. The concept, inspired by a bank visit, utilizes interactive kiosks equipped with webcams and VoIP handsets, allowing face-to-face interactions with customers. These kiosks, increasingly common in various retail spaces, effectively merge digital convenience with a personal touch, offering a cost-efficient way to connect with users.
    SouthWest Transit’s aim for versatile customer service led them to Advanced Kiosks for their Freestanding Kiosk design, enhanced with the Acquire communication platform. This integration enables screen sharing and co-browsing, offering comprehensive assistance from viewing schedules to navigating websites. The user-friendly interface, customized for different stations, offers options for video, audio, or text chats, catering to diverse customer preferences. Beyond live chatting, their 3 kiosks serve multiple functions, from displaying route updates and event adverts to managing SouthWest Prime reservations, a low-cost ride-sharing service. Advanced Kiosks’ Zamok Kiosk Software Suite simplifies content updates, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.
  • Use Case:
    • Ticketing
    • View bus route schedules
    • Request a ride
    • Video conferencing
    • Customer service
    • Chat bot
Video Chat Customer Service Kiosk with VOIP and Graphics