Industries: Transportation


The applicability of self-service kiosks in the transportation industry is vast and varied. Interactive kiosks in airports can read passports, check bags, and print boarding passes without any assistance from staff. Self-service ticketing kiosks are routinely found on train platforms and in parking garages. Rental car companies provide superior service through videoconferencing kiosks, reducing the need for staffing at low-traffic locations.

Kiosks for Museums Parks and Zoos

Common Uses

  • Flight Check-in
  • Baggage Ticketing
  • Passport Reading
  • Car Rentals
  • Train Ticketing
  • Ride Sharing


  • Provide Continuous Service 24/7
  • Reduce Demand on Staff
  • Provide Dedicated Printing
  • Offer On-Demand Video Help
  • Reduce Customer Wait Times