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The use of self-service kiosks in the transportation industry is vast and varied. 

 Interactive kiosks placed in airports can read passports to expedite check-in and improve security. These touch screen kiosks can reduce wait times by providing for fast checking of bags and printing of boarding passes without any assistance from staff. Airports can also provide advanced customer service and help desk access by placing kiosks throughout the terminal.

Self-service ticketing kiosks are often found on train platforms and in parking garages, letting travelers both purchase tickets and conveniently print them out. Rental car companies can provide superior service through video conferencing kiosks, reducing the need for staffing at low-traffic locations.

Transit Kiosks Used for Transportation Self-Service

Common Uses

  • Flight Check-in
  • Baggage Ticketing
  • Passport Reading
  • Car Rentals
  • Train Ticketing
  • Ride Sharing


  • Provide Continuous Service 24/7
  • Reduce Demand on Staff
  • Provide Dedicated Printing
  • Offer On-Demand Video Help
  • Reduce Customer Wait Times

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