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Standard With All Kiosks



All Advanced Kiosks hardware products include a Three Year Warranty, and access to a variety of technical support options.

This is huge and here’s why


This is not something that you will typically find in the kiosk industry, in most cases a kiosk manufacturer will only offer a one year warranty and maybe some extended period of time on the METAL BOX ONLY. Don’t get duped, that is a very important distinction.

Our warranty covers all kiosk hardware and computer components for a full 3 years. The reason we are able to provide this kind of backing for every product we sell is simple … better design, engineering and quality.

Advanced Kiosks takes pride in building all our kiosks with Commercial Grade, American Made, high quality components. We design products to be durable and perform out in the field for years to come!

Many manufacturers will cut corners and build products with much cheaper Consumer Grade parts that are not durable enough for heavy use or long term performance. Their business model being that the product they sell you will make it through the short warranty period provided and then you are on your own, with a potentially short lifespan left on your investment.

So when you are shopping around, be sure to assess and factor in the kiosk warranty details, mean time to failure rates, and ongoing cost of ownership. Here is a blog about that very topic: “The True Cost of a Warranty”.


Advanced Kiosks Warranty Terms

Below are the general terms and conditions regarding our warranty policy. Certain extended and upgraded warranty options may be available for your Product, offered at the discretion of the Company.

The Warranty Terms are as follows:

  • The Company will replace, at its own expense, any Systems, components, materials found to have defects or damage due to assembly, constructions or other activity shown to have occurred at the manufacturing facility.
  • The Customer must make a Warranty claim prior to the close of business hours on the 1,095 day following the shipment date.
    Replacement costs under the Warranty include shipping and processing charges, and any taxes associated with the original order.
  • The Customer must follow the Warranty claim procedures listed below.
  • If you purchased a Product that is covered by the Warranty in the continental United States or Canada, you are entitled to return-to-depot shipping service during the warranty period subject to the following terms and conditions:

Return-To- Depot Service is available only for Products purchased and located in the Continental United States or Canada. Advanced Kiosks will make reasonable efforts to repair your product within 10 business days of receipt at the repair facility. You must contact the Advanced Kiosk at 1-866-783-3791 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday (Holidays excluded) from any location in the Continental US or Canada. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Model and Serial # of Equipment
  • Brief Description of the Problem
  • Location/Address of the Equipment

Upon receiving an issue call, we will provide you with an Incident Number. You should record this number for future reference; this will expedite phone support should you need to contact us about the issue.

A Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#) and return instructions will be provided at this time.

You are responsible for packaging the product sufficiently to prevent damage in transit. Packaging is available for purchase from Advanced Kiosks. You are responsible for freight costs to the depot repair facility, and any export taxes, customs duties, or any other charges associated with the transportation of the Product. Product which has been damaged, either in-transit or by the end-user, will not be covered under the warranty repair program.

The following peripheral items carry the standard warranty if sold as part of the initial unit configuration:

  • Printer – Manufacturer’s warranty, usually 1 year.
  • Keyboard – Manufacturer’s warranty, usually 1 year; Document and Transit Kiosk keyboards are eligible for three-year warranty.

All computers needing service will be returned to their original configuration. Advanced Kiosks is not responsible for any data. Please back up data routinely.

The limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, unreasonable use, neglect, alterations, improper service, improper installation, improper connections with peripherals, or other causes not arising out of defects in material or workmanship. Liability is limited to the replacement to the Buyer of a functionally equivalent or upgraded replacement unit. Repair or replacement of the part thereof shall neither extend nor decrease the warranty period.