Honor and Respect

Those we cherish

Tribute Kiosk Software


A Way To Celebrate And Honor


The TRIBUTE kiosk software solution is designed to highlight and honor individuals for achievement and remembrance. The Tribute product family offers tailored solutions for memorial groups, schools and organizations of all kinds.

All Tribute Kiosk Software packages are customizable to match the branding, theme, and changing needs of each group or location.

Theme Packages

FALLEN HEROES: An elegant interactive memorial to honor deceased military, law enforcement or any branch of service.

HALL OF FAME: A vibrant interactive showcase for school sports teams of all levels.

ALUMNI: An interactive yearbook to share alumni information about graduated classes, events, then and now, and contact directory.

MEMORIAL: A dignified memorial platform for use in accessing burial locations, biographies, pictures and more.

SPOTLIGHT: A flexible platform to customize and showcase individual achievements or information for any group, family or organization.

Features and Benefits

  • Customize colors, branding and graphics
  • Easily update and add content and pictures
  • Quality commercial grade hardware
  • Indoor and outdoor models to choose from
  • Built in software to manage your kiosk remotely
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • World class support
  • Stylish and elegant kiosk designs
  • Brilliant interactive touch screen display
  • 3 year full coverage warranty


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