Continuous Service in an Uncertain World With a Kiosk Ticketing System

Ticketing Kiosk SecurityWhat’s a kiosk ticketing system? Put quite simply, it’s an automated self-service solution that allows users to select and purchase tickets for admission or events and dispenses physical tickets to your patrons. Well, I guess that’s all you need to know. Thanks for joining us!

Just kidding. There’s more – there’s lots more.

Of all the self-service products that we produce, kiosk ticketing systems continue to be one of our best sellers. In a world of smartphones, there are a multitude of reasons that ticketing kiosks remain such a hot commodity.

For the answer, you really don’t need to look any further than the limitations of the electronic wonder gadget that you might be reading this very piece on.


  • Ever had a dead cellphone battery (especially after that magic two-year period where your phone’s battery mysteriously loses the ability to hold a decent charge?)
  • Ever left your smartphone at home or in the car?
  • Ever shattered the screen and had limited use of it while you budgeted out the asinine amounts of money for a new one?
  • Ever found yourself in a place with no public WiFi, but you don’t want to get another data overage fee by using your 4G?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you found yourself saying yes to at least a few of those – I know I did.

A Kiosk Ticketing System: the Round the Clock Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Smartphones are great, but drawbacks like limited power supply and uncertain internet connectivity can impede the ability to provide good customer service and present hurdles between potential customers and your event sales.

Ticketing kiosks? They eat those kinds of problems for breakfast.

Ticket PrinterBut you don’t have to take it from us! For a little insight on the value of a kiosk ticketing system, we reached out to Custom America, the manufacturer of the printer engines we include in our kiosk ticketing solutions.

“The idea of paper printed tickets being completely over taken by cell phone apps has been debunked thanks to a number of factors. The technology shift is real and in an ideal world a fantastic concept but for practical limitations and hygiene concerns of passing your phone, printed tickets will continue to be required.  There are very real and practical applications that require printed tickets if not as the leading technology but as a secondary or backup to complete a transaction’ of sorts,” says Nicola Ciarlante, CEO of Custom America.

Nicola adds, “The successful implementation of a kiosk for a ticketing application is dependent upon the technology used and the actual application.  Of course, if the kiosk and its hardware is not intended or implemented properly for the application, work-arounds will be required rendering it useless but this holds true for apps as well.”

Supporting Our National Parks With 24/7 Ticket Service

Glacier National Parks Ticketing KioskFor a great example of the utility that Nicola describes, look no further than a project that we at Advanced Kiosks undertook for the US National Park service back in 2015. The Park Service was in search of a fleet of kiosks that could be used by visitors to check in, register for a camp site, and print our ticket labels to place on the hood of their vehicles or RVs. We’re always thrilled to put in some work for our government, this project seemed to encapsulate all the benefits of a physical kiosk ticketing system:

  • Camping in the wilderness isn’t exactly a great place for cellular service. But our kiosks can come equipped with internet connections that can be easily hard wired into the plug ins at the ranger station.
  • That goes double for the power supply. If there’s electricity flowing to the park, your kiosks will keep chugging along.
  • Whether it’s the frigid chill of Denali National Park or the blistering rays of Death Valley, Outdoor models like our Enviro are engineered to withstand conditions cell phone batteries live in fear of.
  • Like any branch of government, service expectations are high, and resources are always limited. With the addition of self-service solutions, the Park Service can continue to educate visitors and care of the land, while automating tedious tasks like ticketing.
  • Finally, the ability to print out a physical ticket to stash on your vehicle dash. I suppose you can try to do that with your phone, but my guess is that will make quick work of your already limited battery power.

What’s more, even in cases where people have pre-purchased their tickets, a ticketing kiosk system can print the needed physical copies upon their arrival to the venue. Add to that the ability to scan cellphone QR codes for everything from electronic tickets to coupons and special deals from your marketing department, and it’s easy to see why our ticketing kiosk system is the all-in-one ticket processing machine that the venues and attractions of the 21st century need in their arsenal.

Well, there you have it. Whether it’s tickets for the matinee showing of the latest Hollywood blockbuster or your printed pass to camp out under the stars, a kiosk ticketing system continues to remain an invaluable edge for businesses and organizations of every size and shape.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog. For questions about any of our self-service hardware and software solutions, you can connect with one of our Project Consultants by filling out this form, or by dialing 1 (866) 783 – 3791.   

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