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Wall Mounted Computer Kiosk Models

What does a company do when it wants to provide a large amount of information but has limited floor space? Wall mounted computer kiosk systems offer accessibility, versatility, and stylish designs – all in one space-saving compact package. At its heart,  our wall mounted models provide powerful capabilities in an eye-catching package. If you strip away the kiosk enclosure, what you’ll find inside is a kiosk windows computer that can display anything from web content to local applications.

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The Wall-Mounted Touchscreen Kiosk can be a clean and simple installation for self-service or an immersive experience for your customers.

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Thru Wall Kiosk


A durable, commercial grade, built-in kiosk that is easy to install and designed to provide users with 24 hour services. This self-service kiosk can be customized with a number of features and used to provide authorized gate or building access if desired.

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Retail Wall Kiosk


Innovation is key for retailers in traditional brick and mortar stores to maximize foot traffic. The Retail Kiosk is a functional, sleek, self service solution with a wall mounted design to save valuable floor space.

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Compact Power Wall-Mounted-Kiosk-Machines


The Compact Power Kiosk is a wall mounted, touch screen kiosk that is often selected for its superior value. Features a 17” LCD touch screen, amplified speakers, 16 gauge thick steel enclosure and a 2.9” depth. This is the only wall mounted kiosk on the market that is also ADA compliant.

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No Power Kiosk Front


The No-Power Kiosk is a 12.5" touch screen tablet that requires no external power source. Instead, it draws electricity via an ethernet cable that serves as an all-in-one power source and Internet connection. The No-Power Kiosk is offered in both a wall-mounted or counter-based version.

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Different self service kiosk styles for different applications. Displayed above are all our wall mounted kiosks. Select a kiosk to see more details. If you prefer to browse self-service kiosk options that are specific to your industry, visit the Solutions page and browse industry use cases that are tailored to your market. If you do not see the style of wall-mounted touch screen kiosk that meets your needs, give our sales department a call. We have access to many other types of kiosks and can advise you on what will work best for you.

Keep in mind that wall mounted computer kiosks require more time and effort to set up than a freestanding model. Engineering drawings and brochures are located under each product page or on the Product Documentation page. Review these for installation instructions and space requirements and get in contact with us if you need a more customized solution.