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Offer the convenience of 24-hour customer access while automating services and paperwork with the Office Extension Kiosk.






Olmsted County leverages the innovative Advanced Kiosks Office Extension Kiosks to provide its customers with round-the-clock access to essential services, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

This self-service kiosk solution empowers individuals to apply for housing and family services, scan and print documents, and engage in form filling and submission anytime. Additionally, users can make payments on rent or bills, submit maintenance requests, seek legal assistance, and access crucial health insurance and veteran services.

This 24/7 availability ensures that the community has constant access to vital resources, reflecting Olmsted County’s commitment to accessibility and user-centric service.



Welcome to a new era of convenience with the Office Extension System. Our innovative solution is more than just hardware and software – it’s a gateway to round-the-clock customer and employee service. This system works tirelessly, automating services to streamline your operations and significantly reducing paper usage.


Scanning & Printing

Advanced Kiosks’ Office Extension, with its sophisticated document scanning and printing features, offers remarkable benefits for remote customers, addressing key challenges of accessibility and convenience in document management.

This innovative solution is particularly advantageous for those who may not have immediate access to office facilities or are operating from decentralized locations.

The Office Extension software and self-service kiosk provides a seamless experience for scanning and printing documents, which is essential for individuals who are working from areas with limited office infrastructure. This accessibility is a game-changer, eliminating the need for remote customers to invest in expensive scanning and printing equipment or to travel to distant office centers for their document handling needs.

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Document Scanning

Document Printing

Voip Calling & Directories

The VOIP feature with handset/microphone and the call directory in the Office Extension product work synergistically to create a seamless and efficient communication system. The VOIP functionality allows users to make calls over the internet directly from the kiosk. This feature is crucial in providing an accessible and convenient means for voice communication, especially in environments where immediate or on-site calling is necessary.

Complementing this, the call directory feature acts as a user-friendly guide, helping users quickly identify and connect with the correct person or department. It simplifies the process of finding contact information, making the communication experience more intuitive and efficient. Users can easily navigate through the directory to make the required calls using the VOIP feature, ensuring that the right connections are made swiftly and effectively.

Together, these features enhance the overall user experience by combining the ease of making calls (VOIP) with the ease of finding whom to call (call directory). This integration is particularly beneficial in settings like offices, educational institutions, hospitals, or customer service centers, where streamlined communication is vital for operations and user satisfaction.

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FormFlow & Form Submissions

Integrating Advanced Kiosks FormFlow on your touchscreen kiosk can greatly simplify the process of filling out complex forms for users.

FormFlow streamlines the user experience and ensures that all necessary information is collected efficiently, and transferred directly into a legal form.

You are not simple receiving the form submission data, you are receiving the legal form itself, filled out with that data.

Users can easily navigate through the form, tapping on fields to input information and using touch gestures to scroll or paginate as needed.


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Kiosk FormFlow enables these benefits:

  • A guided experience for the user, with instructions and help text
  • Translation of the form’s questions and guidance
  • Available conditional logic within the form – Simplify the entry process.
  • Field validation – Help prevent entry errors.
  • Legal document creation – The final submission not only delivers the completed data, but also a completed legal form with the data inserted into it.
  • Instant submission with print and email options – The completed legal form is emailed as a pdf to a specified email and is also available to the kiosk user for viewing and print.
  • Storage of form entries on server with export functionality – All form entry data can be exported and deleted off the server.

FormFlow ultimately leads to a better user experience, more accurate, organized data collection and speedy submissions.