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With the LAAS Visitor Management System, you can automate your lobby so your visitors are greeted and their needs are quickly met. Visitors can search for companies, departments, or people. Call them and/or text message them or get detailed wayfinding directions as well as a list of other conveniences.

LAAS is a web-based application fully integrated into our Zamok kiosk management software. This powerful combination not only secures and locks the kiosk down, but it allows the interface to interact with the printer, camera, and other computer peripherals for added value.

If security is a concern, the sign-in feature with a printed name tag is a must-have. Our facial detection feature with auto-cropping guarantees a great photo for a perfect name tag every time.

GSA Contract Holder3 Year WarrantyZamok Kiosk Management SoftwareKiosk Interfaces


By adopting the Lobby Automated Attendant System (LAAS) 2.0, customers can benefit from improved security, streamlined visitor management processes, enhanced visitor experience, convenience options, accessibility compliance, and the ability to customize and control their lobby interface.

LAAS provides a comprehensive solution that caters to the specific requirements of their facility, ensuring a professional, efficient, and secure lobby environment.

Enhanced Welcome Experience

The LAAS system will provide a warm and professional welcome to visitors entering the lobby. With a user-friendly interface and customizable welcome screen, it will create a positive first impression and set the tone for their visit.

Direct Communication

The LAAS system integration with ZAMOK provides a VOIP feature that enables visitors to call persons or businesses they are visiting directly from the system. This will facilitate efficient and direct communication, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free visitor experience. If the person is not at their desk the LAAS system can be configured to send a text message with the visitors’ information to one or more cell phones.

Turnkey Solution

The LAAS provides a comprehensive turnkey system of hardware and software that seamlessly integrates into the customer’s existing systems. It offers a hassle-free implementation process, ensuring a smooth configuration and integration. See below for more information on our Onboarding process that gets you up and running fast.

Enhanced Lobby Security

Lobbies that are locked down will benefit greatly from the LAAS system, as it allows visitors to contact the person they are visiting directly from the kiosk system. This eliminates the need for a lobby attendant while still ensuring controlled access and enhanced security measures.

Streamlined Visitor Check-in

With LAAS, there is no need for a traditional clipboard sign-in process. Visitors can quickly and securely check-in by providing their details, which can be configured based on the specific requirements of the facility. This eliminates paperwork and reduces waiting times, improving overall visitor satisfaction.

Professional Name Tags

LAAS generates custom name tags for visitor management in less than a minute. Our name tags include visitors’ names, photos, affiliations, and dates of use, enhancing professionalism and security within your facility. See our blog on Nametage here.

Future-Proof and Expandable

The LAAS platform offers future expansion and compatibility with additional features and integrations. It allows for further enhancements and adaptation to changing needs, ensuring long-term value and investment.

Wayfinding and Mapping

The system provides a wayfinding feature that helps visitors easily navigate the facility. Whether through interactive maps or integration with Google Maps, visitors can quickly locate their desired destination, reducing confusion and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Efficient Delivery Management

LAAS tracks and manages deliveries made to the facility, providing accurate information about delivery dates, times, and recipients. This ensures timely and secure delivery handling, improving operational efficiency.

Emergency Preparedness

LAAS includes customizable emergency buttons that visitors can use to immediately alert security personnel in case of an emergency. This enhances safety measures within the facility and provides visitors with peace of mind.

Web-Based Apps and Convenience Options

LAAS allows visitors to access convenient features such as WiFi access and maps. It enhances convenience and efficiency for both visitors and staff.

Accessibility and Multilingual Support

LAAS is designed to be accessible and inclusive. It offers language options for multilingual support, and provides accessibility features for visually impaired or handicapped individuals, ensuring compliance with ADA regulations.

Easy Customization and Control

Customers have the flexibility to make their own changes and updates to the LAAS interface. The system is built on a highly built-out WordPress interface, allowing customers to edit and update content easily. Additionally, the system offers a range of customizable options, including templates, colors, layouts, and branding, enabling customers to create a unique interface that aligns with their organization’s identity.




Bonfiglioli, an industrial manufacturing company with a global presence, reached out for assistance with implementing a new visitor management system for their brand new lobby.



Configurable to meet your needs!

Visitor Management System Software Interface

The interface below is highly configurable to suite your needs. In our on boarding process we can change the layout, colors, imagery as well as add/remove/organize buttons and functionality.


LASS Visitor Management System includes the following products and options on 1 of 3 kiosk models:


The LAAS Visitor Management System comes installed on one of three primary kiosks, each with common as well as unique functionality. The kiosks come fully assembled and ensuring a hassle-free setup. You’ll receive a high-quality touchscreen kiosk designed to withstand the demands of a public environment.


Our kiosk management software locks down this system and powers the interactive interface of the kiosk. It provides a user-friendly platform for accessing and displaying your data and information. The software is highly configurable, allowing you to customize the interface to suit your orginization’s branding.


As part of our package, we offer onboarding services to help you get started with the LAAS Visitor Management System. Our experts will guide you through the setup process, branding the interface, and configuring the software according to your requirements. View our Visitor Management System Questionnaire.


We provide 24-7 support to ensure a smooth experience with the LAAS Visitor Management System. Our support team is available to assist you with any technical issues, answer your questions, and provide guidance whenever needed.

Visitor Management Software on Electronic Kiosk

Merchant Max

The Merchant Max Interactive electronic Kiosk was designed for office buildings, schools, retail, movie theaters, and other high-traffic settings where a visitor management kiosk is needed. The mobility makes it one of our most popular models.


P/N: H32-LASS-4020

**Includes: Merchant Max Kiosk, ADA Compliant 32″ LCD Touchscreen Monitor, LED Light Acrylic Top, Camera, Amplified Stereo Speakers, Built-in Surge Protection, Lock and Keyed Access with 2 Keys, Mounting Hardware, Free-standing Base, Interface Design, 3-year warranty, Windows 10 Pro, Set-up instructions and user manual, Graphics laminate, 1 year Zamok Suite Premier Software Package, Full Year Support, Onboarding

Best Electronic Visitor Management System

Wall Mounted Kiosk

With a striking 43″ touchscreen, the wall-mounted touchscreen display can be a clean and simple installation for self-service and an immersive experience for your customers and visitors. Camera and wall mounting hardware are included.


P/N: H32-LASS-3020

**Includes: 43″ Wall Mounted Kiosk, Zamok Premium Software 1 Year, Full Year Support, On-Boarding, Camera, Amplified Stereo Speakers, Built-in Surge Protection, Lock and Keyed Access with 2 Keys, Mounting Hardware,  Interface Design, 3-year warranty, Windows 10 Pro, Set-up instructions and user manual

Visitor Management System on Tablet Kiosk

Countertop Tablet

For low-risk lobbies, the Countertop Tablet is a great option. It has all the functionality of the larger kiosks but in a smaller package. The minimal footprint lets you maximize space efficiency while delivering a modern and professional visitor experience.


P/N: H32-LASS-2020

**Includes: Secured Rotating Countertop Tablet Kiosk, Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, High-Grade Aluminum Enclosure, Mount, Lock, Zamok Premium Software 1 Year, Interface Design, Full Year Support, On-Boarding, Shipping Included



Kiosk Visitor Greeting

The Visitor Management software gets your visitors’ attention and is not shy in helping visitors when they come to your lobby.

  • With an added camera, your check-in kiosk will say hello to visitors and show them how it can help.
  • Choose your greeting sound.
  • How your virtual receptionist greets people is up to you.
  • After the greeting, the kiosk shows how to use its main features.
  • Anytime a visitor touches the screen, the greeting stops and all functions of the kiosk are available.
  • Your greeting can change after hours as well, giving users different instructions.
  • The background picture is configurable to your needs.
  • Only show the functions that you want on your interface.
Kiosk Visitor Greeting



Search & contact a person or business

Finding and connecting with a person is easy with the Lobby Attendant visitor management system.

  • Search by name, department or business name.
  • Easily add new names or businesses with an easy-to-use admin interface.
  • Add pictures of people or company logos as desired.
  • Large quantities of people can be added by spreadsheet upload.
  • What information is displayed is up to you.
Search & contact a person or business



Call any person or department

Calling or texting a person is easy and is done over VOIP, so a phone line is not needed.

  • You can choose whether or not the phone number is displayed on the screen.
  • You can display one number on the screen and have the kiosk call another hidden number.
  • A text notification message can be sent out automatically to the person or company that has a visitor whenever a person is called, in case they were not at their desk.
  • A dial pad is available on screen for voice mail options.




Translation services can be accessed on demand. Customize your own translation menu and the kiosk interface will be translated with the touch of a button. Hundreds of languages are supported.

  • Easily choose what the base language is for the interface. We ship to all of South and Central America.
  • When the person using the kiosk is done, the interactive interface will revert to the base language.
  • Most 3rd party websites can be translated as well. See our 3RD PARTY APPLICATIONS video below.
  • What languages are shown is up to you.
  • We can translate romantic and Logogram languages into English.




Providing maps or directions to visitors so they can find their way is easy with any of our wayfinding kiosks and visitor management software. You can provide static jpg maps or links to map programs such as Google maps.

  • Provide written directions and maps of the building or area and instructions.
  • When a user is done, the kiosk will revert to the main screen.
  • Using any of our kiosks a user can pinch and zoom with a touch of two fingers.




The Lobby Attendant interactive interface provides support for people that need help.

  • Customize your accessibility menu.
  • The menu can include screen and text enlargement, contrast changes
  • Add a phone button to call a specific person or ring a group for additional help.




Control your visitor management system and update its displayed information through a visual WordPress interface.

You can customize the interface, add or remove any button,  and easily update the information displayed in each module.  Add photos, contacts, maps or any other information that pertains to your building.

Our Zamok Kiosk Management Software provides advanced features such as VoIp calling, kiosk security, photo ID badge printing, door locking and more.





Buttons such as a Bulletin Board, Event Calendar, Latest News (or any custom RSS feed), Restaurants, Parking, Building Wi-Fi, Maintenance and suggestion box are all included, however your check-in kiosk can display any custom buttons you need.

  • Add in web-based apps and widgets.


3rd Party Applications

With the Lobby Attendant & Zamok Kiosk Management Software, integrating with 3rd party applications is easy and secure.

  • Access to 3rd party apps is secure.
  • Popup windows will time out after a set amount of time and be closed and the server cache cleared.
  • Zamok provides a flexible secure web browser for any web-based application.
Zamok Kiosk Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use a different kiosk than your recommended models?

  • Yes! Contact one of our experts to determine the best fit for your situation.

Do I need an internet connection for my Kiosk?

  • Features including remote updates and VOIP calling of building residents require an Internet connection.

Do I need a phone line?

  • As long as you have an Internet connection a phone line is not required.

What are the yearly costs?

  • Prices vary depending on the kiosk model you select and the features you include. Contact one of our experts for specific pricing.

How do I need to get started?

  • Just contact one of our experts. We’ll assist you in determining the best solution to fit your needs.

Can I make changes to the interface?

  • Yes, the kiosk interface can be customized to your specifications.

I do not have a IT department do I need one?

  • No! Advanced Kiosks offers 24/7 technical support. Our support department can access your kiosk remotely and solve most issues without the need for a site visit.

What if the kiosk breaks?

  • Advanced Kiosks offers a three-year warranty on its kiosk hardware. Just contact us if there’s an issue.

Is there any limit on the number of calls visitors can make?

  • No! Our kiosks have already been used to make more than 50,000 VOIP calls.

What about Spanish visitors will it translate this?

  • Yes, the kiosk can be programmed to provide services in a variety of languages.

How fast are the text messages?

  • As fast as they would be when sending a text from your mobile phone!

Why would I need a wayfinding kiosk?

  • If you manage a medical complex, college campus, memorial garden or other large facility where visitors may be unsure of their destination, a wayfinding kiosk is a must.

What are the benefits of a wayfinding kiosk?

  • The main benefits of a wayfinding kiosk include helping visitors find their destination quickly and easily. Facilities can provide an outstanding experience for their guests without the need for additional staff.

Can wayfinding services be provided in multiple languages?

  • Yes! Our kiosks can be programmed to deliver services in a variety of languages.

Can my kiosk be customized?

  • Absolutely! The kiosk display and wayfinding software can be adapted to meet your specific needs.