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INTERVIEW: PTI’s Access Control Elevates Secure Self Storage

August 4, 2017

Every business has security risks, self storage facilities are not en exception.  Advanced Kiosks provides self service kiosks to the self storage industry to automate processes such as rental, bill pay, information, and wayfinding.  Having a computer kiosk is a significant improvement in securing a self storage facility and there are other components that also greatly benefit self storage security and compliment the self serve technology. Some examples would be electronic locks, key pads, cameras, alarms, and cloud based applications from providers such as PTI and Janus International. PTI Security Systems is the creator of EasyCode, a mobile app...

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March 7, 2017

10 Federal Self-Storage & Self-Service Kiosks This self storage kiosks case study is an in depth interview with the founder of 10 Federal self storage. 10 Federal is a self-storage business in Graham, North Carolina that recently announced that it completed the lease on its first full-automated self-storage facility. They are opening the facility with the use of Janus International SecurGuard Electronic Lock, Advanced Kiosks Self-Service Kiosk technology, PTI security system access control solutions, and StorEdge’s FMS Management software system. They had been in this multi-family business since 2010 and were looking for a way to combine the power of...

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