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Interactive Kiosks for
Self-Storage Facilities

Kiosk solutions for self-storage facilities allow owners and operators to automate unit rentals to create an enhanced customer experience that puts you ahead of the competition.

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase profits
  • Reduce costs
  • Offer 24/7 service to your customers
  • Remote management 

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Benefits of Automating Your Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage facility owners and operators are embracing self-service automation to get ahead of the competition. In addition, because of the COVID-19 crisis, the desire to reduce or eliminate face-to-face interactions has never been higher. Kiosks can solve this problem by letting customers rent units and move in without an on-site manager.

Implementing storage technology in your self-storage facilities can:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase profits and reduce costs
  • Provide services 24/7 to your customers.
  • Reduce staffing demands
  • Increase upsell potential
  • Offer instant overlock and retraction
  • Enable advertising and sponsorship sales
  • Help you manage and administer remotely

Features and Use Cases

Interactive kiosks for self-storage facilities are used for both indoor and outdoor applications in a variety of climates.

Bill Payment G Icon

Secure, electronic payment system for paying bills, rent, taxes, and fines.

Form Fill G Icon

Provide a paperless, contactless method for filling out documents.

Printing and Media G Icon

Variety of options, like full-size, label, ticket, and receipt printing.

Check-In G Icon

Interactive kiosks provide a boost into service performance.

Information Access G Icon

A perfect way to get information across to the people who need it.

Lobby G Icon

A kiosk is the perfect way to modernize the lobby of any building.

Prince William County
“I think that customers are getting extremely acclimated to doing their day to day interactions with technology rather than human contact.”

Brad Minsley
10Federal Self Storage


10Federal is a fully automated self-storage facility in Graham, North Carolina that recently announced that it completed the lease on its first full-automated self-storage facility.

They are opening the facility with the use of Janus International SecurGuard Electronic Lock, Advanced Kiosks Self-Service Kiosk technology, PTI security system access control solutions, and StorEdge’s FMS Management software system.

They had been in this multi-family business since 2010 and were looking for a way to combine the power of self-service technology with the self-storage industry.

Recommended Kiosk Models:

Advanced Kiosks offers a wide variety of self-service kiosks to fit the unique needs of your self-storage customers. Whether you’re looking to make self-storage sales and units accessible 24/7, increase sales, reduce costs, or improve customer satisfaction, our diverse set of kiosk hardware have the advanced technology and durability it takes to get the job done.

Our most successful and requested kiosk model is the Freestanding Kiosk. This kiosk is configured with many available features to meet a wide range of needs with the proper peripherals and software, including unit rentals, payment processing, and more.

Sturdily built with high-quality, American-made materials, this multitool of self-service kiosks will perform under heavy usage with excellent uptime.

Freestanding Kiosk Full
Freestanding Kiosk Back
Freestanding Kiosk Palm Scanner
Freestanding Orange Kiosk Full
Freestanding Yellow Kiosk Front Full
Freestanding Silver Kiosk Full
Freestanding Red Kiosk Full

Additional Kiosk Models for Self-Storage

Transit Kiosk


A computer kiosk designed for high risk locations such as subway stations, outside in a city center, jail or corrections. Nothing can compare in quality, performance or durability to the Transit Kiosk. This can be configured for indoor or outdoor use.

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Thru Wall Kiosk


A durable, commercial grade, built-in kiosk that is easy to install and designed to provide users with 24 hour services. This self-service kiosk can be customized with a number of features and used to provide authorized gate or building access if desired.

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Enviro Kiosk


The Outdoor Enviro is a state-of-the-art, outdoor touch screen kiosk designed for extreme climates. Ideal for delivering information and wayfinding for visitors at businesses or local attractions. Pairing this electronic kiosk with the ZAMOK™ Kiosk Software suite unlocks a host of capabilities.

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Visual Guide Download


Use this guide as an orientation tool when setting up your Kiosk’s interface and building workflows. It is intended to introduce you to Zamok’s customization capabilities so that you can maximize the value of your kiosk solution.

Update everything right from your desktop!

  • Simply point, click & follow easy onscreen directions to customize your Kiosk’s interface.
  • Instant updates from your PC straight to your Kiosk.

The Advanced Kiosks Process

Advanced Kiosks Process

We are here for you

Advanced Kiosks wants to ensure you understand and are comfortable with the process of getting your kiosks up and running.

Reach out today, and a member of our team will answer your questions and get your project started.

Kiosks 101

Interactive Kiosks

An interactive kiosk is a complete, self-service solution that delivers your services to those who need them with ease and functionality.

A kiosk solution has three parts:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • User Interface

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of self-storage kiosks?

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increase profits and reduce costs
  • Provide 24/7 services to customers
  • Reduce staffing demands
  • Increase upsell potential
  • Offer instant overlock and retraction
  • Enable advertising and sponsorship sales
  • Help manage and administer remotely 

What interactive kiosks are recommended for the self-storage industry?

We offer many self-service kiosk models for use at self-storage facilities, but some of the most popular kiosks include:

What are the use cases of kiosks for self-storage?

Use cases for self-service kiosks in the self-storage industry include:

  • Payment processing
  • Storage unit rentals
  • Form fill
  • Document printing/scanning
  • Security and building access
  • Insurance agreements

Can a kiosk for self-storage be installed outdoors?

Yes! Self-storage kiosks are available for both indoor and outdoor applications, however, not all kiosk models are weatherproof. 

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