Self Service Solutions

For Federal, State and Local Agencies


Government Kiosks

Government kiosk solutions are allowing federal, state and local agencies to increase efficiency, respond to demands and enable cost savings.

New implementations are happening every day in courts, libraries, utilities and varied municipalities. Advanced Kiosks is an approved vendor to the 'General Services Administration (GSA) Advantage!' Program.


Common Uses

  • DMV Licensing and Registration
  • Cemetery and Memorial Services
  • Courts and Law Enforcement
  • Inmate Account Access
  • Utility and Bill Payment
  • Library and Museum Directory
  • Veterans Services
  • Military and Recruiting
  • Parks and Zoos Wayfinding
  • Too many to list!

Potential Benefits

  • Increase Staff Efficiency
  • Eliminate Wait Times
  • 24/7 Access Convenience
  • Promote Events and Information
  • Provide Guidance and Support
  • Automate ID Verification
  • Expedite Account Processing
  • Electronic Activity Records
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Cost Saving Results

State and Federal Software

We work with what you already use!

For the government sector, there are many major software providers that cater specifically to the needs of specific types of facilities, programs and operations.  Advanced Kiosks integrates seamlessly with most major software providers as well as virtually any web based content or windows applications.

Examples include:

  • DMV Registration Network
  • Municipality Platforms
  • State Employee Databases
  • Various Payment Processing Systems
  • Task and Industry Specific Platforms
  • Custom Solutions

The list of potential software options to be integrated and utilized on a computer kiosk is vast. Contact us for details about integrating with your existing software systems and learn more about what Advanced Kiosks custom solutions can deliver for your government project.

Advanced Kiosks Software

What comes inside!

Every kiosk that we ship now comes pre-installed with our ZAMOK kiosk management software to get you up and running quickly and provide you critical features such as:

And much more!


Additional software products

The possibilities are endless! Our engineers have developed dozens of solutions to meet the growing demands and we offer custom developed solutions for large scale projects as well.

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