Government Kiosk Solutions

Government kiosk solutions are allowing federal, state and local agencies increase efficiency and respond to today’s demand for better service, and the increasing need for cost savings. It is now common to find DMV kiosks or jail kiosks in many locations throughout the country, with new implementations happening every day in courts, libraries, utilities and varied municipalities. A properly implemented government kiosk solution will deliver instant benefits by streamlining processes, alleviating bottlenecks and reducing the demand on staffing.  Advanced Kiosks is an approved vendor to the ‘General Services Administration (GSA) Advantage! Online shopping website’ and is able to offer members significant product discounts. Our goal is to ensure that government organizations get the absolute lowest price for their product for their project.
GSA government kiosks

 Government agency common applications:

  • Streamline application processes
  • Interactive building directories, maps and wayfinding
  • Convenient bill and fine payment
  • Self-service human resources kiosks
  • User account management
  • Calendars & events
  • Appointment check-in and queuing
  • General information access
  • Form printing, scanning and submission
  • Public or employee education and training
  • Offender probation e-check in
  • Queue management



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