Self Service scanning and filing

Saving your organization time and money

Zamok Scanning Solution

Finally - a user friendly self service option for document scanning

Zamok Scanning Solution is an optional expansion for Zamok Foundation to facilitate self-service document scanning and filing. Users are prompted to enter a unique identifier and select the document type, at which point an intuitive step by step user interface walks them through scanning and confirming the results before they are sent. The file is securely encrypted while it uploads to either E-mail or a database, at which point it is deleted from the kiosk.

Zamok Scanning Solution is an invaluable time saver, freeing your staff from the tedious task of scanning and filing documents to allow them to focus on higher level tasks while ensuring accuracy and security in your documentation.


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Zamok Scanning Solution user interface is simple and intuitive for users, prompting them to answer administrator specified questions and identify their document type, scan the document, and confirm that the image shown is correct before it is sent.

The responses to the user questions, the document type, and the date time and kiosk ID at which the document is scanned are combined to create a file name for the document, making documents easy to find and track.

Zamok Scanning Solution can send documents to a specified E-mail address, with a subject line identifying the document, or they can be added into a database via URL/XPath integration

Zamok Scanning Solution encrypts the documents on the kiosk until they are uploaded, and deletes the documents from the kiosk immediately after they are e-mailed or uploaded to your database, ensuring the security of your customer’s data is not put at risk by being stored on a public terminal, however secure the kiosks software/hardware may be.

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