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Trade Shows 

Today’s trade show booths have to make a splash to get noticed in crammed exhibition halls. Fortunately, nothing grabs attention like the immersive experience digital kiosks provide. They create buzz, beckoning attendees to come play with your newest prototype or product offering.

From freestanding models on the aisle to large displays custom built into your booth, interactive kiosks help you stand out from the crowd. But they can also handle marketing grunt work such as scanning badges and mailing collateral to prospective clients. Error-free data entry and automated lead generation free you up to network and make personal connections with trade show prospects.

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Kiosks for Museums Parks and Zoos

Common Uses

  • Display of Complex Information
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Quick and Accurate Lead Capture
  • Endless Aisle of Products
  • Visual Storytelling Tell Your Brand Story


  • Decrease Inventory Shipped to Shows
  • Have All Product Literature Available
  • Reduce Booth Staffing Demands
  • Increase Booth Traffic
  • Maximize Booth Space
  • Attract, Engage and Excite