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Boost staff productivity, reduce wait times and conserve resources with Office Extension 2.0

Office Extension for Housing Authorities

Customize Your Solution

19" display screen allows visitors self-service functionality to pay rent & bills, apply for housing, scan & print documents, complete forms, retrieve documents, request maintenance and more.

Kiosk functionality can be configured and administered right from your office desktop.

Call for Assistance

Configure your VOIP handset to dial predetermined parties at the touch of a button. No phone system required.

Card Reader

Scan credit cards, barcodes, IDs or drivers' licenses.

Keyboard & Touchpad

A durable and backlit keyboard to allow your visitors to communicate via email, surveys and form submissions.

Internal Laser Printer

Allow visitors the ability to print out full size documents.

ADA Compliant Flatbed Scanner

Scan letters, passports, licenses and other full page documents. Email scanned document to specified parties or print document directly at the kiosk with the touch of a button.

Custom Graphics

Add your logo or specific messaging to the kiosk.

Steel Enclosure

Durable steel enclosure coupled with our 3 year warranty. Made in America.

Bolt to Floor

Bolt to the floor or wall for extra security.


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Office Extension 2.0 is our latest product for Housing Authority productivity.
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