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Project: The University of Tennessee uses Qline Queuing Software

Project Overview: 

The UTHealth Science Center was looking for a solution to speed up student intake. UT saw a need to inform students of wait times and improve collection, organization and reporting of visitor data. Advanced Kiosks provided FreeStanding Kiosks with Qline queuing software to streamline check-in and decrease wait times and Lobby Attendant software to provide wayfinding for incoming students and visitors.

Kiosk Project Details:

The University of Tennessee has two FreeStanding Kiosks installed with Advanced Kiosks Qline queuing software and Lobby Attendant wayfinding software. The university uses Qline to created custom preliminary questions directed toward helping students get quick access to the resources they need.. The back-end administration reporting has also helped university managers to organize their resources based on the students responses.

University of Tennessee Health Science Center


  • Save time and resources
  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase staff productivity