Self Service Kiosks

For Restaurants and Cafeterias

Food & Beverage Kiosks

Food Kiosks

The fast food and restaurant industry is experiencing a sweeping transformation with self service food kiosks rolling out across the country.

The addition of interactive kiosks are allowing food establishments to serve more people in less time. Food Kiosks allow staff to focus on other aspects of customer service, resulting in a better experience for the customers and revenue growth.


Popular Uses

  • Fast Food Order Taking
  • Payment Transaction Processing
  • Corporate Cafes and Lunchrooms
  • Cafeteria Self Serve Ordering
  • Table Reservations & Queuing
  • Menu and Specials Promotion


  • Reduce Customer Wait Times
  • Process Orders Quicker
  • Re-purpose Staffing Resources
  • Ensure Ordering Consistency
  • Automate Upsells and Promotion
  • User Data for Process Improvement

Food Service Software

We can work with what you already use!

For the food industry, there are many software providers cater specifically to the needs and challenges of managing food and beverage information and transactions.

Advanced Kiosks integrates seamlessly with most food, beverage and dining software providers as well as any web based content or windows applications.

Third party software integration

There are many vendors providing software solutions for self service food and dining. For colleges, corporate cafeterias, fast food restaurants and other common areas. Contact us for details about integrating with your existing third party software.

Advanced Kiosks Software

What comes inside!


Every kiosk that we ship now comes pre-installed with our ZAMOK kiosk management software to get you up and running quickly and provide you critical features such as:

The possibilities are endless! Our engineers have developed dozens of solutions to meet the growing demands and we offer custom developed solutions for large scale projects as well.

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