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Industries: Entertainment

Entertainment Kiosks Serve Up The Fun

Interactive kiosks can serve as an exciting way for entertainment venues to engage with their customers. Large, attractive monitors provide ample opportunities to display information about special promotions and events or provide wayfinding solutions to help visitors move from place to place. Tickets can also be dispensed from self-service stations without the involvement of business staff.

Self-Service Computer Kiosk at Strikes & Spares Entertainment Center


  • Ticket Printing
  • Information Display
  • Promotions and Offers
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Badge Scanning
  • Queue Management
  • Phone Charging
  • Post-Visit Surveys


  • Reduce Visitor Wait Times
  • Increase Engagement
  • Promote Specials and Events
  • Allow Staff to Focus on Adding Value
  • Easily Update Media and Exhibit Info

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