Advanced Kiosks Maximizes Customer Satisfaction While Minimizing Footprint

New Space Saving Kiosk with Countertop Multi-Touch Interface Is Versatile & Affordable

Advanced Kiosks, one of the world’s largest producers and innovators of self-service kiosks, is proud to announce the latest addition to its hardware product line. The Countertop Kiosk is the newest member in a growing family of increasingly diverse computer kiosk models. With a fully adjustable monitor face, four USB ports, camera, microphone and stereo speakers all standard, the Countertop Kiosk model is a groundbreaking space saving kiosk that can do big things in a small space.

As with most Advanced Kiosk innovations, the Countertop Kiosk was born out of conversations with customers. Health care providers, retailers, government offices and churches expressed a desire for all the security and functionality of interactive kiosks in a more compact design. The Countertop Kiosk was created for any environment where floor space is at a premium, but it can also be the perfect installation to cater to users with a variety of mobility issues. Placed at a desk and connected to specialized peripherals, it can easily collect vital signs in a hospital, pharmacy or clinic setting.

Retailers will love it too because the Countertop Kiosk can be outfitted with credit card and barcode readers that work with Advanced Kiosks’ supporting software to scan QR codes or coupons stored on shoppers’ smartphones. Users will be amazed at how easy it is to get great deals, especially when Zamok Credit Card Solution is installed to ensure seamless, secure transactions.

The Countertop Kiosk’s monitor sets it apart from more traditional units in two important ways. First, the 19-inch screen can be oriented horizontally or vertically and leaned forward or backward up to 45 degrees. Lock it down, or give users the freedom to adjust it to their comfort. Second, it features a multi-touch monitor in a world where most computer kiosks are still single-point touch screens. Users can pinch and drag to zoom in and out on content just like they do with their mobile devices. This is an extremely helpful feature for people with any kind of visual impairment.

“Our newest model provides a secure, durable, clean-looking alternative to folks currently using touch-screen computers to interact with their public,” says Advanced Kiosks project manager Nathan Morse.

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